Live the new Priceless. Hello Priceless! – a new Mastercard campaign featuring Smiley on Romanian market

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Mastercard launched the national campaign “Live the new Priceless. Hello Priceless!” that aims to inspire consumers to discover and enjoy priceless moments in the “new normal” and, in the same time, encourages the electronic payments as every day normal gesture, offering over 10,000 prizes to those who choose to pay with Mastercard, anywhere in Romania. The project marks the continuation of the partnership with Smiley, the Romanian singer being the image of the campaign and the one to share with the public another perspective to see things.

We live a new normal, to which we adapt and that we are building in the same time. Mastercard was always about connecting people to priceless possibilities and this thing remains unchanged even in the times we are getting through right now. Today’s reality led to an increase of the digital payments, but it seems that the limitations appeared diminished peoples’ options and plans. So, this time, when the world looks different, our proposal for consumers is, while they remain attentive to health and safety, to explore new ways through which they can enjoy all the good things in their life. And even to do this thing together. Moreover, we wished to be close to them also from a practical perspective, so each pay with Mastercard means an award that helps creating new priceless moments

Cosmin Vladimirescu,

Country Manager Mastercard Romania & Croatia 

From end of July until end of september, consumers who pay with Mastercard or Maestro, online or in store, can win an autocamper, 90 shopping cards with RON 1,000 on each, 10,000 awards consisting in exclusive access to songs and videos signed by Smiley. People paying with phones have double chances to win and can get, on top, a special prize, a smartwatch a week. To participate in the promotion, people must enter the value of transaction in the contest, via SMS or on campaign’s website