Romanian wine producer Cotnari rebrands its flagship range and launches a new wine, in a complex campaign

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Cotnari, one of the leaders on Romanian wine market, launched a large re-branding campaign for its flagship selection, spearheaded by Grasa de Cotnari wine and which also includes other 100 % Romanian types: Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Feteasca Alba and, for the first time in this selection, rose from Busuioaca de Bohotin.

The wine selection’s modernizing process took a year and was based on a series of complex marketing researches and consumers that showed the need of a strong change in the brand’s universe. The final result brought the biggest visual transformation of the Cotnari range compared to 1997, the moment in which was done the latest label change.

Therefore, the Cotnari selection doesn’t always have a new and elegant embossed bottle, a label that combines the range’s defining elements with the modernity required by the consumer, but also a new product: the rose wine Busuioaca de Bohotin, semi-dry and semi-sweet, as an answer to the market’s consumption range.

All these product novelties will be communicated through a new communication platform under the name “Viata de Cotnari” (Cotnari Life).

“The wine has been alongside us long enough in order to embody for the people a series of special characteristics. The wine represents friendship, tradition, passion, poetry, wisdom, richness, elegance, so on and so force, many other human strong traits. The platform „Viata de Cotnari” is a collection of memorable moments that justify the extraordinary qualities of the flagship variety (and alongside it of the whole range). At Cotnari, where grow only Romanian authentic varieties and the people live only by the wine’s values each day, it’s the place where the spirit of the Romanian wine really lives,” said Constantin Deleanu, president of Cotnari SA.

The campaign that rolls between July 22nd and September 30th is based on a mix of tv, in-store and online promotion. Moreover, the sales will be supported by an innovative program addressed to the Horeca segment: any online order on the website www.cramelecotnari brings the user a voucher that he /she can use in order to enjoy a free bottle of wine in one of the hundreds of the program’s partner locations.

The team:


  • Razvan Serghiuta- general manager
  • Stefan Matei- shareholder and member in the Administration Committee
  • Stefan Chiritescu- marketing director

MEDIA: AnyMedia

  • Ramona Sirota- Media Buying Director
  • Laurentiu Cenusa-General Manager


  • Regizor: Radu Barbulescu
  • DOP: Radu Voinea


  • Liviu IsopGeneral Manager
  • Avanpost


  • B1 Studio
  • Silviu Fenea- CEO
  • Gabriel Jicman -SEO specialist


  • GMP + Webstyler