Ubisoft and UNARTE combine the art and the technology into a virtual gallery

Digital & Media

Ubisoft continues to support the education and the developing of the digital abilities for the young artists and this year, in partnershipwith the Scenografy Department of the National Arts University in Bucharest, launches Ubisoft X UNArte virtual gallery. It includes a selection of the best students that finished the second year of the 3D digital art course works,based on a curriculum created by experts in modelling, texture and 3D animation from Ubisoft Bucharest Arts Department.

If in the first year of studying the students gained introductive notions in modelling and texturing the 3D scenes,this year the students learned technics in characters digital sculpting, but also how to create scenes using the graphic engine Unreal Engine. At the end of the class that takes in total three years, the participants will be able to put in practice the knowledge in various fields, such as architectural visualization, advertising, industrial design, 3D printing, creating video games or film.

“We want to offer the students the right tools for expressing the creativity, but also the necessary knowledge of enlarging the perspectives in their career. Therefore, this year, the collaboration with Ubisoft became tighter and tighter: the 3D digital art class entered in the curriculum of the Scenography department, and is now optional for all the UNArte students. If in the first year we had 40 people attending the course, in the universary year that just ended their number grew to 110,” said Prof. Lector Univ. Dr. Anca Albani.

Teo Cazghir, together with Alexandru Voinea and Catalin Bercea, Environment Artists and Ubisoft, but also teachers of this discipline, shared both their technical knowledge about the digital 3D art, as well as the one about the efficient organizing of at distance classes, that have moved in online starting the second semester.

“Having the Ubisoft experience, we already know what it means to work only from home,therefore we couldoffer the students our fullsupport in adapting easier to the new context, including on the time management area or what types of software to use in collaborating easier,” said Teo Cazghir.

“Both for us, as well as for the artists we are guiding, the creating of this virtual gallery in which to exhibit the art works came as a natural step for all of us,working from home. This is our manner of supporting and promoting these talented artists in a difficult period of time,” added Alexandru Voinea.

Ubisoft X UNArte Gallery unites 30 art owrks, both scenes and photo and video compositions, and can be seen at the following link: http://bit.ly/ubisoftXunarte.