reIMAGINE HUB – a reimagined space dedicated to the personal growth

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After launching the platform the full service agency Pandorra Story Style, considered it was time for a new project – reIMAGINE Hub – the place where each one of us can reimage his/hers best version.

reIMAGINE Hub aims to a dynamic space, very adaptable to the needs of each person or the collective ones, being inspired by what eash of us feels. In this „alter ego” of the platform reIMAGINE the public can access a series of practical classes, coaching and personal knowledge sessions, built rigorously and with care by a team of trainers and facilitators run by Monica Magureanu that graduated Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching Class, organized by Metasysteme Coaching, Alain Cardon & practitioner and  trainer recognized by the Georges Colleuil  International School in the method of Personal Archetypes Referencing.

For the ones that want to assume the explorer role in knowing themselves better there will be 1-1 systematic coaching sessions, after which the beneficiary will find solutions to his / hers interactions’ problems, building with guidance his /her own emotion health. More details can be found here.

The ones oriented towards a complex knowing of the soul’s sciences specific to the Personal Referential Archetypes – method of personal analysis and research of the subconscious elaborated and refined for more than 30 years by its author Georges Colleuil – psychotherapist, philosopher, researcher and French born, international renowned writer – will find at reIMAGINE Hub a series of very attractive activities.

During August 28th-30th, will take place the class “Initiation in the RAP method and the symbolistic of the Marseille tarot – beginners’ module. Its price is RON 750 RON and the entering can be done by sending an email at

The next class will be September 19th, having as theme “Perseus’ Myth and The Isolation Arcana”. The class will be offered by Georges Colleuil, in French, with a translation in Romanian offered by Claudia Savu and Mihaela Rata and the price is RON 250. The maximum number of people is 25.

The coaching sessions and the workshops are done online, via the platform zoom, or atrequest (If there is the possibility for the selected type of activity) in a physical space, following the safety rules imposed by the authorities.