Kyoorius: Committed to diversity, equality and inclusion

Advertising, Business

The creative communications, advertising & marketing industries have always led the way and continue to have a collective responsibility to positively impact the future of not just the industry but the community at large. 

Since inception, Kyoorius has worked to ensure that everything we do is a true representation of the world we want to live in. A world of equal opportunity for all.

Today, Kyoorius has proudly announced that it’s upcoming event Zee MELT has been awarded as a “Dice Certified and Recommended” event with a Dice score of 90%.

Kyoorius has worked closely with the team at Dice ( – Diversity & Inclusion at Conferences and Events, a not-for-profit organisation) to deliver a conference that has a diverse set of speakers & delegates across key parameters including gender, race, age, disability and accessibility.

Kyoorius and Dice have had extremely productive conversations around diversity and inclusion and look forward to working together even closer in the future. And Kyoorius say they’re not done. The next step is to get to a 100% Dice score – a goal that is not being taken lightly.

Chaitanya Rele, COO at Kyoorius said – “The time to give lip service to diversity and inclusion is done. To aide change – we must commit to change. We don’t see this as an effort that needs to be made, but rather something that is a way of life – and it is for us.”