OTP Bank launches the 100% digital banking product LeZero, with zero costs and cashback included

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OTP Bank Romania continues the digital development strategy of its portfolio by launching a 100% digital channel for contracting OTP Bank products. The first product available through this channel is the LeZero Package, which comprises a current account in lei, a Mastercard debit card, Internet and Mobile Banking with zero costs for the user, if the necessary conditions for contracting this package are met.

The launch of the digital channel for the purchase of OTP Bank products represents an important stage of the Apollo strategy, through which the bank aims to develop its presence on the local market. The LeZero Package can be requested and obtained now 100% online, from the comfort of your own office or home, being a modern solution, adapted to the current context in which physical distance is essential.

“OTP Bank’s development strategy includes both the expansion of the physical presence in the country, as well as the continuous growth in the digital environment. We have recently inaugurated a new cashless agency concept, and now we welcome customers with a modern and current solution, which includes the main digital banking tools used every day. LeZero is thus the first product that can be entirely digitally contracted and paves the way for new tools that we prepare for our customers”, said Roxana Hidan, Deputy CEO OTP Bank, Retail Division.

The LeZero Package, with a current account in lei, a Mastercard debit card, Internet and Mobile Banking can be opened in five simple steps: • Online identification, for which a photo of the identity card and a selfie are required; • Supplying necessary financial information.; • Confirmation of the chosen package and supplying a delivery address for the card. ;• Video call for confirmation of identity and obtaining the Certsign qualified digital certificate. ;• Signing the contract, electronically.

The cost of the package is zero for the user if he collects at least 1,200 lei per month in any current account opened at OTP Bank and makes at least one payment per month with the debit card held in the package or through the OTPdirekt service. Also, the new customers of the bank, who previously did not have a current account opened at OTP Bank and who purchase the LeZero Package by the end of this year, can receive a bonus of up to 10% cashback from the amount of transactions made with their Mastercard debit card, within the limit of 50 lei per month, respectively 600 lei per year, according to the Campaign Regulations available at www.otpbank.ro/campanie-LeZero.

OTP Bank Romania, a subsidiary of OTP Group, is an integrated and self-financed provider of financial services. With an approach defined by responsibility, commitment and professionalism, OTP Bank Romania understands the needs of clients and the current context of the market and is a trusted partner in the provision of financial services. The bank ranks 9th in terms of assets in the ranking of banking players in Romania, as of December 2018.

OTP Group has more than 70 years of activity in the financial sector in Central and Eastern Europe, while the Romanian subsidiary has marked 16 years of presence in the local market. Promoting innovation, stable growth and integrated financial services, OTP Group has become a dominant player in the Central and Eastern European market and is considered an important banking group even on a European scale. The community of about 36 thousand employees serves nearly 19 million customers daily in 12 countries.