Romania gets a Code of best practices in influencer marketing

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In Romania, that has a mature influencer market, with over a decade of history, creative campaigns and dedicated events, IAB Romania and 2Performant continue their mission to contribute to local digital industry and are launching together the first Code of best practices in influencer marketing. A first for Romania, the launch of the Code is made with support from IAB Spain, Romanian Advertising Council and together with Social Smarts and

The Code of best practice in influencer marketing aims to improve credibility, transparency and efficiency of the sector, helping the ad industry to understand the challenges and novelties when an influencers campaign is planned. In the same time, it has an educational and market self-regulation component, but also of unification of notions by identifying different types of influencers, social platforms, agencies and work feed, of ad formats, prices and legality regarding communication with the help of content creators.

Costin Cocioaba, Influencer Marketing Manager 2Performant.  

At global level, influencer marketing is a major trend, with an industry estimated to reach, this year, $10BN, and Romania aligned fast to those moves. So, after over 10 years of existence, our market needed such a best practices code. Transparency is one of the main principles that are guiding 2Performant, so that we joined immediately to this endeavour, together with IAB Romania, because we like to be road openers and we want to contribute to the healthy growth of the industry in our country. We need such initiatives, we strongly believe in Influencer Marketing and we want to support the sector on long term. The code of best practices in Influencer Marketing will become an extremely useful tool for the companies who want to be active in the digital sector with the help of those who own online communities and create content

The content of the Code is based on the expertise of the members of the Work Group on influencer marketing within IAB Romania and of some experts in the digital marketing industry and is based on a structure inspired from a similar document issued by IAB Spain in 2019 and on documents issued by European Commission or other international associations active in digital marketing. 

Ioana Anescu, Managing Director IAB Romania

The Code of best practices in influencer marketing represents an industry initiated action, an answer of the responsabilization, professionalization and for a better understanding of the specifics of this online communication channel. The launch of this Code of best practices for Influencer marketing is an important moment for the communication industry in Romania, especially during this digital dominated year. We want to thank to all those involved in putting together this document and we wish that, by its adoption and support from all involved actors, more and more brands would use this channel in an assumed way, transparent, correct and efficient