Neticle launched V.3 of its Media Intelligence tool

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Neticle implemented its clients’ feedback and studied prominent media insight analysis methods, added cleaner programming, advanced features and a smoother appearance. The result was the newest, third version of Neticle’s Media Intelligence tool, which now amswers: it serves enterprises’ needs much better than before.

Neticle’s flagship product has been around for eight years, but the company is still full of ideas on where to go with it and how to better serve clients with text analysis solutions. They have been working on providing improved tools for the following goals:

  • Less manual work and faster decision making

Neticle Media Intelligence users can now reveal insights by just one click on a smart drill-down pane. They can understand all trends and outliers of the online world and get automated notifications about any market’s dynamics and shifts.

  • Matching international companies’ needs

Neticle distinguishes mentions geographically, which means it is possible to check a company’s reputation separately in Austria or in Germany for example. Content analysis is available in 19 languages with human-level precision, so users are able to oversee their international activity in real-time.

  • Easier data exports and data integrations

With the Neticle Data API, it is possible to integrate KPIs, social media insights and competitor data into in-house systems. Users can even create a real-time data connection with internal platforms or dashboards, or can export data to create own report in PNG, JPEG, XLSX, CSV or SVG format.

What was the development process like?

Róbert Horváth, Neticle’s CTO:

Our account team gets a lot of feedback from our customers, which we love. Adding as many new features as possible while keeping the system stable and running is where we had to find our balance (…) I loved working on the development with our team. It was amazing to see how many angles there are to the same thing and in how many ways you can solve a problem. We have learnt a lot from each other.

After a while, the frontend team developed a clear picture of what the final goal was, which almost became a sixth sense and helped them choose which features to include and how to implement them in the product.

Ádám Szigeti, Frontend developer:

The final product is great, I am so happy with how it turned out! We improved a lot as a team, sometimes I feel like we can almost read each other’s minds and it shows in the code

Neticle’s intelligent media- and text analyser tool searches the internet (articles, forums, social media posts, comments) for any brand’s or product’s public mentions, then analyses the collected mentions with the help of its algorithm, nearly with human precision. The company was founded in 2012 but is now present on the market of 18 countries. Besides the media analyser, Neticle also offers a survey tool and two APIs to clients.