Serviceplan Beijing’s ‘Truly Mystical’ Campaign for New Budweiser Fruit-Flavoured Beer Goes Viral in China

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A Serviceplan Beijing campaign designed to launch Budweiser’s new product ME3 has gone viral in China, making a social buzz within the generation Z target audience. Serviceplan Beijing created digital videos, social media posters and merchandising to promote the new Budweiser ME3 fruit flavoured beer on Chinese mobile platforms TikTok and Weibo, helping their client to reach an unprecedented new peak of sales on e-commerce. 

Digital films titled “The Mystical New Spark” and “The Mystical Smile” were shared on TikTok and Weibo, generating over 2.1 billion impressions with click rates of more than 58 million, and views by more than 51 million people in China.  The new product campaign launch for Budweiser ME3 received huge exposure and was ‘Liked’ by at least 10 advertising media platforms. 

Budweiser tasked Serviceplan Beijing with the mission of creating an outstanding campaign to market an epoch-making new product. The Budweiser ME3 beer defies genres and is neither a traditional lager nor a classic fruit beer. So Serviceplan came up with a brave, unique, ground-breaking social media campaign to market the new product to Generation Z.

The new ME3 beer has a unique yet undefined taste that appeals to a younger target group who aren’t constricted by tradition and rules, so Serviceplan came up with the concept ‘Fanatically Enigmatic’, meaning that the beauty outside of tradition can only be felt by true individuals.  Serviceplan created the first ever beer drinking ritual of consuming beer through a straw, in order to differentiate the new product from other beer brands on the market, and create a social buzz around the beer for Generation Z. 

Ms. Celine Huang, Associate Marketing Director at Budweiser China commented:

“We fall in love with Serviceplan when they proposed the “Truly Mystical” idea on the first time we met online during the pandemic. We’re affirmative on this creative approach on our new ME3 launch, that would activate the young target consumers in China as it reveals the true insight from this specific target group.”

Mr. Marcus Ma, Managing Director at Serviceplan China Beijing added:

“This is a very challenging yet fun campaign to work together with Budweiser China. The team on this project has truly dedicated their efforts and treated ME3 as their own product development. I believe this is essential to gain absolute trust from client for letting us to roll out such a bold campaign, that plays a very unusual communication for a new product launch within the category.“

By creating viral videos and visual content and seeding it on social media platforms TikTok and Weibo, combined with an e-commerce platform. Serviceplan created a social buzz around a unique new product for a new generation from a traditional brand.

Serviceplan Beijing was recently ranked in the top 20 hottest agencies of 2020 by Campaign Brief Asia.


  • Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group: Jason Romeyko
  • Managing Director, Serviceplan Beijing: Marcus Ma
  • Mark Liu: Associate Creative Director
  • Suo Er: Art Director
  • Erin Lee: Director of Client Service
  • Alison Feng: Account Director
  • Budweiser ME3 Key Visual illustration
  • Production house: MYSTERY BOX London
  • illustrator: James White
  • Budweiser ME3 Drinking Occasion KV & Product video
  • illustrator: Trey Trimble
  • Budweiser ME3 Launch Video
  • Production house: THE EYE
  • Director: Gingzim Lo
  • DOP: Qiang
  • VFX: A-Nuo
  • Budweiser ME3 Viral Video
  • Production house: Yan Studio Beijing
  • Director: Mark Liu
  • DOP: Bin Li
  • VFX: A Kai
  • Editor: Hao Wang
  • Producer: Jian Shi
  • International Communications Officer: Lee Sharrock
  • Other credits:  Chong Kin