Sune Sorensen directs a rare emotional story for Doc Morris

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Director Sune Sorensen and agency Jung von Matt/SAGA came up with a uniquely heartfelt story to ring in the Holiday spirit. In a lovely character-driven story, a solitary man embarks on a self-motivational journey as he ventures out to his shed, day in day out, to kick off a strenuous workout routine with an old kettlebell. There seems to be no clear sense of purpose except for perhaps the vague notion that he is trying to rekindle his youth or accomplish something for himself – a late-life-crisis maybe? Or so we think.

Director Sune Sorensen:

“I was immediately attracted to the lone portrayal of the protagonist as well as the dynamics of viewing him from both inside-out and outside-in. Delving into his development and motivations, the stages of conviction, failure, disbelief, comic relief, recovery, and so on, lends itself with quite a few rewards – not least when working with the actors.”.

London actor Carl Welch, who plays opposite local star Evelin Pang, was put to the test by

“I wanted to push Carl a bit. To find sides of him, and the character, that we couldn’t foresee. It’s hard to establish a complex character for an audience in minutes, so I felt a need to explore and challenge the role. That meant getting very personal and working closely with the actors, especially Carl, to achieve an authentic portrayal of a lovable, vulnerable, and real character”.

This campaign marks a larger effort from the pharmacy giant, Doc Morris, and is unique in its emittance of products or mid-story branding. “I was excited to find that the agency and client had agreed not to cloud the story with clumsy product scenes. It’s tremendously rare that a client, or even an agency, is brave enough to believe that much in the story and on the longterm effect of great branding – it made the project feel special”.

Both Sune Sorensen and Jung von Matt/SAGA have received significant critical acclaim and attention for earlier Christmas spots, e.g. the 2019 McDonald’s spot “The Gift” (Sorensen) or the 2015 Edeka “Homecoming” spot (JvM/SAGA).

Director / Representation
Sune Sorensen – Director
Represented by AgentZoo / Martin Bardrum
Los Angeles: Hey Baby Films
London: Hunky Dory Films
Paris: Bandits Productions
DOP / Representation
Franz Lustig – DOP
Represented by Cosmic Talents
Marie Berg – MP / Agent
Pauline Perez – Agent
Marine Boisse – Assistant to Marie Berg
Production / Crew Germany
Markenfilm Hamburg GmbH
Marc Strass – Head of Production / EP
Alan Finlay – 1st AD
DocMorris N.V.
Frank Müller – Chief Marketing Officer
Gil Pfitzmann – Director of Marketing
Hannah Polczyk – Head of Brand & Content
Jung von Matt SAGA GmbH
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens – MP
Alex Schmid – Creative Director
Dennis Wendt – Senior Producer
Natalie Martens – Client Service Director
Olasumbo Pinheiro – Copywriter
Ibrahem Ghhareib – Art Director
Tasja Oldach – Senior Project Manager
Viktor Mahé – Junior Project Manager
Casting UK
Hammond Cox Casting Ltd.
Thom Hammond – Casting Director / MP
Michael Cox – Casting Director / MP
Charlotte Lancaster – Casting Assistant
Lydia McKinley – Casting Assistant
Casting Estonia
Agency Icon
Kärt Väinola – Casting Director
Kairit Krass – Casting Manager
Casting Latvia
/laik/a casting agency
Marta Dzene – Casting Director
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Münchhausen Productions OÜ
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Elen Kallas – MP
Triinu Jalakas – Production Manager
Eliza Berzina – Production Coordinator
Mihkel Riis – Production Assistant
Karolina Veetamm – Production Assistant
Joe Thomas – 2nd AD
Terje Kissa – 3rd AD
Tuuliki Oberschneider – Location Manager
Artur Makku – Location Assistant
Ramon Paukson – Location Assistant
Hendrik Krinal – Location Assistant
Henri Killõ – Driver
Gert Pärni – Driver
Mario Salumäe – Driver
Karel Miil – Driver
Martin Venela – 1st AC
Freddy-Alder Saunanen – 2nd AC
Nicolas Viggiani – DIT
Joe Dunnigan – VTR
Indrek Raag – Key Grip
Martin Tennokene – Grip Assistant
Kristjan Kurm – Sound Recordist
Hisham Sharafeddine – Boom Operator
Henri Savitski – Gaffer
Bertil Alexander Tarbe – Best Boy
Kevin Mardiste – Electrician
Ranno Lauri – Electrician
Bertil Alexander Tarbe – Electrician
Aivo Rannik – Electrician
Rauno Linnamäe – SFX Master
Ronet Tänav – SFX Assistant
Laura Dišlere – Production Designer
Anete Eglīte – Assistant Production Designer
Getter Vahar – Art Director
Helina Risti – Props Assistant
Janette Roopa – Props Assistant
Jaak Sova – Props Assistant
Erti Risto Süvari – Swing Crew
Karl Agapuu – Swing Crew
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Mikk Kivila – Construction Manager
Uku Talmar – Set Builder
Sten Suigusaar – Set Builder
Priit Tiislär – Set Builder
Monika Tulit – Set Builder
Kristina Efert – Foodstylist
Anne-Maria Ylitapio – Stylist
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Kätlin Kikkas – Styling Assistant
Jane Mändsoo – Styling Assistant
Tiina Leesik – Make Up Artist
Britt Ressar – Assistant Make Up Artist
Jennifer Scholz – Assistant Make Up Artist
Erko Lill – Catering
Carl Welch – SAM
Aurora Laaksonen – MAYA
Evelin Võigemast – IDA
Mihkel Kabel – TIM
Natali Väli – ANKE
Helvin Kaljula – MARK
Artjom Bulgakov – NOA
Luisa Aruste – LISA
Anne Paluver – EMMA
Grading House
ARRI Media GmbH
Philipp Orgassa – Colourist
Julia Dobler – Head of Commercial
Mathias Knöfler – Producer Colour
Mathilda Barchmann – Grading Assistant
André Gelhaar – Editor
Tilbert Oelke – Storyboard Artist
2WEI Music GmbH
Composed by Nathan Padgett, Simon Heeger,
Christian Vorländer, 2WEI
Music supervision by Clarissa Beckert, 2WEI