Stefan Chiritescu, appointed Head of Strategy @McCann Bucharest

Business, Creativity, Marketing, People

Starting January 2021, Stefan Chiritescu takes over the position of Head of Strategy at McCann Bucharest. With 20 years of experience in advertising, he is one of the most known and appreciated strategists in Romania.

Over his 20 years of career, he handled local and regional clients and won efficiency and creativity awards, including 38 Effie trophies and a Grand Effie. He worked, over time, with clients from sectors like FMCG, telecom, banking, marketing and consumer research.

Stefan Chiritescu:

I am happy to join an agency with a strong creative DNA and which built a solid reputation on the local and, especially, on the international market. I came to add even more efficiency within Creatively Efficient, the slogan which defines us. During the following years, this equation defined by creativity and efficiency will show how valuable advertising can be within brand performance

Sagit Tzur Lahav, CEO McCann Worldgroup Romania

At McCann Worldgroup Romania, excellence in creation is a proven constant, with tangible results, and this goes hand in hand with our mission to develop clients´businesses and brands.
Permanent curiosity and looking for real and valuable insights are within McCann´s DNA.
Stefan joins the agency during a challenging period, but it is a period that surely will create opportunities and open new perspectives for future. Stefan will positively influence the direction McCann will continue on.