Zen Payments launches on 31 markets, including Romania

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ZEN has announced its official launch in 31 European markets, including Romania. The main goal of ZEN is to provide an easy and convenient way to manage cash flow, without cumbersome formalities and fees. The unique ZEN offer combines all the key benefits for modern e-commerce: simplicity of payment, mechanisms that protect both sides of the transaction, as well as benefits tailored specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs and consumers.

Dawid Rożek, founder and CEO of ZEN

ZEN is an acronym for ‘zero effort non-bank’ ; it refers to the peace of mind and security that our solutions provide to our customers. We created a solutions suite that provides benefits, not available anywhere else, paired with comprehensive protection. All of this comes with guaranteed low costs and a great user experience. We call it ZEN-commerce.

The ZEN services are available via their mobile app and on their website, through a subscription model with a free one-month trial period. Users receive a ZEN Mastercard (physical or digital) that can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets, providing a convenient and secure payment solution that allows them to pay online and in-store.

The 3 pillars of ZEN-commerce

First of all: simplicity.  Both businesses, as well as individual customers, can count on clear and simple rules for online payment services anywhere in the world, in every possible currency, and regardless of the scale. The process of financial management – which is unique on a global scale –  through integration with a bank account, guarantees instant access to funds from online sales, which can be used at any time. As for the consumers, ZEN stands out with its simple, one of the fastest on the market, and entirely remote process of creating a new account, as well as a convenient customer service experience. All the services are easy to manage via a mobile application with a minimalist and intuitive user interface.

Second: a safe and comfortable environment. ZEN users, whether individual or business customers, do not have to spend time and energy on refund claims. Under ZEN Care’s additional protection, if a customer exercises their right of complaint, all they have to do is indicate their claim and ZEN will take care of it and refund the purchase in full shortly after. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, get an extra layer of security thanks to no chargeback fees, as ZEN offers to cover them. With clear and transparent subscription plans, users always know what costs are incurred and do not have to worry about any unexpected charges.

Third: ZEN comes with benefits. Both consumers and entrepreneurs, choosing ZEN, can count on many benefits. In addition to ZEN Mastercard payment cards, ZEN offers a multi-currency account that allows commission-free payment in 35 currencies, as well as exclusive benefits such as Zen Care customer protection or a one-year extra warranty extension for electronic products, purchased in-store or online. Customers also receive an instant cashback of up to 15% of the value of the purchase, which is paid back to the consumer’s account immediately after the purchase. Thanks to these benefits the cost of a monthly subscription quickly proves its value to the users.

Central and Eastern Europe on the forefoot of digital (r)evolution

Dawid Rożek, who founded and developed the auction website for gamers with 20 million customers.

ZEN products are available in all countries of the European Economic Area. Central and Eastern Europe are confirmed as one of the global leaders in e-commerce development, as well as the fact that Romanian consumers and shops are doing very well online. We want to help both veterans and total newbies in finding their place on the web. Our goals are ambitious – within five years we want to have a million registered users in total on our platform

ZEN is launching in a strategic partnership with Mastercard. The global leader works with the fintech startup not only in the field of payments but also provides it with comprehensive support to accelerate its international development. This includes access to Mastercard’s innovative technologies and business partners worldwide, as well as to Mastercard’s experts in product development and marketing. 

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Mastercard:

“Mastercard is a partner of choice for many fintechs worldwide. We’re glad that ZEN chose us as well and that we’re able to develop an innovative product together. I believe that ZEN’s offer, which brings its customers a new value, combined with a strong strategy realized in cooperation with Mastercard, will be a source of success for the brand and its users

ZEN.COM is a licensed financial institution under the supervision of the Central Bank of Lithuania approved by European Banking Authority for 31 countries. The company’s mission is to provide consumers and entrepreneurs with peace of mind in managing their money and purchase transactions. To achieve this, the company offers a comprehensive suite of digital products and services, such as a payment card, multi-currency account, online payment platform, as well as associated unique benefits and additional customer protection. These services are available to users via mobile app and online transaction service. The company has been founded by Dawid Rożek, the author of G2A.com platform’s international success, and develops in strategic partnership with Mastercard.

In January 2021, ZEN received the Cashless Pay 2020 award for the most interesting payment solution in 2020.

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