Report: Brands that adopt scenario planning decisions achieve up to 70% higher ROI

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Brands that adopt measurement programs and scenario planning for decisioning achieve a 25-70% increase in ROI, according to the latest ROI Genome Report from Analytic Partners, Scenario Planning: Uncovering Growth Opportunities. Given the disruptions of 2020, Analytic Partners identified $2.6 Billion in growth opportunities, with over two-thirds of that amount coming from omnichannel and cross-tactic opportunities that fueled ecommerce and online success.

The report explores how brands can shift from seeking one-off wins to a more holistic performance mindset that supports consistent growth. By combining scenario planning, comprehensive analytic programs and a rigorous test and learn approach, business leaders can anticipate the evolution of marketing impact and create future-proof strategies.

“Scenario planning offers a concrete way for business leaders to future-proof their strategies in a fast-changing environment,” said Mike Menkes, senior vice president, Analytic Partners. “Regardless of how the events of the past year have affected the business, it’s possible to uncover new opportunities for sustained growth as we move forward.”

“It can be challenging for organizations to focus on both short-term wins and long-term gains simultaneously,” said Nancy Smith, president and CEO, Analytic Partners, “Especially during disruptive times, having a holistic view of the business driven by a robust measurement program that includes scenario planning is the key to balancing immediate and sustained success.”

Since 2000, Analytic Partners has worked with top brands from around the world to optimize business performance and measure the impact of investment decisions. The insights in this report are based on the collective knowledge from these analyses, which form the core of the ROI Genome.

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