“DING DONG EXPOSED” – Interior design online store doubles as an adult website for objectophiles

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Ding Dong is a bold interior design studio and store operating out of Portugal, with clients all over the World. They wanted their new online store to showcase their love of objects and to be as unconventional as they are. So https://dingdong.exposed was born. An interior design online store for you, an adult website for those who literally love objects. Objectophiles orobjectum sexuals are people who find real connections with objects, something Ding Dong can very well understand.

Instead of just your typical white background pictures of the objects for sale, dingdong.exposed embraces the adult website concept by featuring pictures of people interacting with the objects in intimate settings, highlighting the objects materials and how they must feel to the touch. The website also features a dark mode for an even more intimate setting.

The website is divided into 6 object categories: Fetish, featuring objects made of leather or just more unconventional in their shapes; Hairy, featuring tapestry and other objects; Heavy, featuring all the biggest objects like drawers, sideboards, etc…; Legs, featuring tables, chairs and any object with, well, legs; Turned On, featuring lamps; Voyeur, featuring objects with mirrors and glass.

For your viewing pleasure, besides the pictures, you can also watch live cam show perfomances of some of the objects.

All the objects featured at dingdong.exposed are for sale, taking buying the object of your desire to a whole new level.

  • Advertising Agency: Stream and Tough Guy
  • Client: Ding Dong
  • Director: Vladimiro Leopoldo
  • Photographer: Luís Mileu
  • Webdesign and Programming: afonso.se

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