Hjaltelin Stahl, Accenture Interactive and Save the Children Norway increase the attention towards violence against children with new campaign.

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For many people, violence against children is a thing of the past. Nevertheless, it is still today reality for millions of children, and the corona crisis has only exacerbated, enhanced, and escalated it in many homes. With a new campaign, “Hide-and-seek is not always a game”, Hjaltelin Stahl, Accenture Interactive and Save the Children Norway seek to raise awareness to the problem and help children feel safe in their everyday lives.

Birgitte Lange, General Secretary at Save the Children Norway

Save the Children works for preventing and stopping violence and abuse, and we insist that every child and every young people learn about violence and abuse at the kindergarten and the school, so more people are taking a stand towards the problem, know that it is illegal and know how to get help

The campaign is an important tool for turning the spotlight towards violence against children, especially during the corona crisis when many children are trapped in unsafe homes. All around the globe, numerous children are everyday victims of violence and abuse, and in Norway, every fifth child has experienced violence at home – but only half of them has shared their stories.

A strong collaboration

For many years, Accenture Interactive has collaborated with Save the Children, both in Norway and globally, with the aim of creating positive, long-lasting changes for children and young people.

Mari Heibø-Bagheri, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive in Norway

With the acquisition of Hjaltelin Stahl two years ago, the ambition was increased, and today, Accenture is capable of offering an even wider range of experiences and services for clients within the Nordic region

All experiences that arise from a strong combination of creativity, experience, market, business, and people understanding which now is seen in a new campaign that fights for children rights.

At Hjaltelin Stahl, the collaboration has also been a great and enlightening pleasure.

Nicolai Dimon, Creative Lead at Hjaltelin Stahl.

We are very proud to collaborate with such a renowned NGO as Save The Children. Violence against children is unfortunately a common issue in many countries, but only few are aware of not only the current but also the increasing problem during e.g, the corona crisis. Save the Children’s meaningful and important work of setting sensitive topics on the agenda, creating awareness, and educating teachers and the public about serious issues make only the creative efforts even more interesting and essential

Break the taboo

The campaign is created with the Danish Oscar-winning director and film maker, Anders Walter, who throughout his career has made several global acknowledge films and short films. By combining innovation, emotions, and strategic thoughts, and by holding hands across cities and borders, Hjaltelin Stahl, Accenture Interactive and Save the Children Norway has proven that a strong collaboration can result in not only moving pictures but also in improving children’s lives.

Mari Heibø-Bagheri states:

“We are incredibly grateful to Accenture and Hjaltelin Stahl for their talented work and strong collaboration that has resulted in this creative and strong film”.

The campaign can be seen across all online media and is an attempt to break the taboo of violence against children, make the world open its eyes to the continuing problem and create safer homes for children affected by violence. Because for many children, hide-and-seek is not always just a game.

Credit list:

Client: Save the Children Norway

Campaign name: Hide-and-seek

Network: Accenture Interactive

Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl Copenhagen

Personal Credits:

Director: Anders Walter

Creative: Nicolai Dimon

Creative: Karl Kjaer

Creative Director: Adam Kerj

Producer: Sara Grandjean

DOP: Jasper Spanning

Still photo: Lasse Martinussen

Editor: Peter Brandt

Colorist: Theis Clausen

Sound design: Johan Høyer

Composer: Jonas Struck

Account Director: Sarah Backer

Strategy: Katrine Mehl