RWS announces revival of Language Weaver brand

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RWS, the world’s leading provider of technology-enabled language, content management, and intellectual property services, today announces the return of Language Weaver, a pioneering brand in automatic language translation. Language Weaver – which combines RWS’s linguistic expertise with SDL’s and Iconic’s technologies – will now represent RWS’s machine translation platform.

“We’re excited to bring back the much-loved Language Weaver brand. Many within the industry will remember Language Weaver – a brand synonymous with innovation and pushing the boundaries of language translation,” said Azad Ootam, Chief Technology Officer, RWS. “By bringing together AI experts and technology from across RWS, SDL and Iconic, we now have a world-class platform that outperforms traditional machine translation approaches, and renews the original vision of the Language Weaver founders.”

History of Language Weaver

Founded in 2002 Language Weaver was first to commercialize new approaches to automatic language translation based on machine learning. Its rich history and cutting-edge technology shaped the future of the language translation industry. Acquired by SDL in 2010, the Language Weaver brand was retired in 2015 and renamed SDL Machine Translation. The technology – through continual investment – evolved from statistical machine translation to neural machine translation, capable of instantly translating content across 2,700 language combinations. RWS acquired SDL in 2020, and is now bringing back the Language Weaver brand.

Language Weaver capabilities

Building machine translation (MT) models has traditionally been exclusively reserved for specialists. Decades of collaboration between linguists, engineers and researchers has resulted in a simplified solution that opens up MT to everyday business users. The Language Weaver platform allows anyone to provide real-time feedback on translations and fine-tune generic language models. Behind the scenes the platform also constantly looks for ways to improve the quality of translations. RWS’s team of expert scientists and consultants are always on hand to advise on and develop bespoke solutions for customers with complex requirements.

The technology benefits any business or industry dealing with large volumes of multilingual content. It is already being used by organizations to communicate and collaborate with customers in multiple languages, by public sector organizations for content intelligence and by law firms for eDiscovery. A critical application with unrivalled scalability and security, Language Weaver can be integrated with any software or platform – from Microsoft Office, to chatbots and eCommerce platforms. Incorporating Language Weaver into existing workflows saves time and money, and opens up new opportunities for organizations to retain customers and grow their business.

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