The launch of Packhelp Studio assists SMEs unpack their business potential


In a market where e-commerce grew by 32% compared to 2020 (according to an Euromonitor study by Google Romania), with approximately two thirds of companies (64%) considering that the pandemic triggered the need for innovation (based on a Confidex study) and over 70% stating that being sustainable is now a business priority (revealed by an EY Romania report), SMEs and start-ups are the most impacted by the pressure of having to adapt quickly to changing consumer behaviours while keeping the company afloat.

A growing online competition, a need to decrease the environmental impact across the whole supply chain, increased packaging demands challenged by limited factory capacity and shortage of raw materials contribute to rising business costs. As a means of survival, local brands have to invest in the value creation process and differentiate themselves by offering new packaging experiences that can influence purchasing decisions, inspire customers to recommend products and increase retention rates.

To assist with this, Packhelp, a Polish start-up ranked #1 in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 report due to its + 9,077% growth in 2020, is launching Packhelp Studio on the Romanian SME market. The strategic move is designed to support the rise of small businesses on their path to adjusting to a challenging market where collaborations are key and cater for the region’s increased packaging demands.

Packhelp Studio is a simple packaging configurator that can be handled by all users, regardless of their level of skill. Companies can choose from hundreds of packaging shapes, select from thousands of templates to find the right one for them, customise the design using a user-friendly online editor, and finally order the desired quantity easily.

The brand brings innovation to the market by offering unprecedented low MOQs at scale, assisting with small batch orders of a minimum of 30 items but also with more complex requests. By connecting brands of all shapes and sizes with packaging suppliers all over Europe through novel software, its online editor allows small brand owners to design packaging in minutes, and have it delivered in just a few days.

With the help of revolutionary proprietary technology that unleashes creativity, speeds up packaging development and automates mundane tasks, and also close cooperation with its suppliers, the company is able to offer instant quoting, making ordering packaging as easy as buying anything online. Its competitive services also include packaging accessories such as tape, shipping boxes, bags, ‘thank you’ cards and more, operating as a single partner for all the packaging requirements, whether it’s a wine box, a fashion bag or an employee onboarding package.

Packhelp understands the global sustainability challenge of the packaging industry, so it allows its customers to opt for sustainable materials and tailor-made orders. In addition, based on the order quantity, more trees than the resources utilised are being planted with the help of a reforestation project run with One Tree Planet. What’s more, for every new country it operates in, local artists are enlisted to create new pattern designs. In the case of Romania, these include Sebastian Pren.

Packhelp is an online platform that enables brands to order and manage their packaging products through innovative software, an international network of suppliers and top industry experts. More than 35,000 brands from all over Europe have chosen Packhelp as a packaging partner. With an extensive network of suppliers and industry-leading experts, Packhelp is setting new standards for collaboration on packaging projects.