AGR Dynamics to bring to market a SaaS solution tailored towards Retailers and Wholesalers that focuses on eliminating waste in the supply chain

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AGR Dynamics, a Demand Forecasting, Planning and Inventory Optimization software specialist announces getting into an investment agreement with VEX, as a major shareholder in the company after a successful investment round. Other participants include the company’s largest shareholders before the transaction as well as VEX and other new shareholders.

The funding will be used for continued investment in R&D activities, and in particular the launching of a new cloud solution (SaaS), suitable for small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers. In addition, it will bolster the sales and marketing teams to meet the growing demand.

“We are very excited to bring to market the cloud solution (SaaS), reaching a larger share of the market, as well as supporting the companies continued growth with existing products and services” says Haukur Hannesson, CEO of AGR Dynamics.

Sustainable Development Goals have become increasingly important for companies as they recognize it as a driver of business strategy, innovation, and investment decision and AGR’s solutions supports their journey by preventing waste in the supply chain. Emphasis is placed on reducing inventory and transport costs while improving customer service, as well as increasing efficiency in planning, production and procurement of goods and services.

“The new capital will be a significant factor for us to expedite the launching of the SaaS solution aiding small and mid-sized retailers and wholesalers to reach their goals of minimizing waste in the supply chain. We look forward to further successes that will come with this increased funding and investor confidence.” says Hannesson, CEO

More than two decades of expert innovation in supply chain management has garnered AGR Dynamics a reputation as the go-to software solution best suited to help retailers and wholesalers make an impact and drive change by eliminating waste in the supply chain. AGR’s focus is on helping to minimize waste of funds due to overstock, waste of opportunities by not having stock available for customers, waste of time by having resources spending time in repeatable tasks and most importantly minimizing the waste of carbon footprint by unnecessary use of transportation.