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Oxford Business Group (OBG) has expanded its portfolio of research tools to include a suite of environmental, social and governance (ESG) Intelligence reports.

Produced by OBG’s Advisory Division, the new reports are a reflection of both the growing importance that firms are attaching to ESG as they plot their recovery from the impact of Covid-19 and growth, and rising interest from investors.

The reports will shine a spotlight on what countries, governments and companies are doing to meet ESG standards at a time when business ethics and social responsibility are increasingly shaping the global corporate agenda.

The key role that the Covid-19 pandemic has played in fueling appetite for ESG investment will be a major focus. Here, OBG’s reports will consider the improvements in ESG compliance evident among companies in emerging markets, often as a result of measures introduced to maintain business continuity, while analyzing the part that they are likely to play in driving sustainable recovery.

In its coverage, OBG will also analyse the performance of ESG-rated stocks and bonds against their competitors, amid rising awareness that the adoption of ESG principles is now generating real shareholder value and facilitating access to capital.

The move under way among regulators to introduce mandatory ESG and sustainability reporting requirements for listed companies will also be examined.

Oliver Cornock, OBG’s Editor-in-Chief, said the new reports and other ESG-led content would meet rising demand among business leaders and decision-makers for topical information at a time when the pandemic had forced many companies to rethink how they operate.

“Recognition among the global business community of the benefits of ESG principles has been growing, underscored by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, while many of the new ways of working witnessed over the past 16 months, such as accelerated digitalization, a greater emphasis on employee well-being and reductions in carbon footprint, dovetail with the broader increased focus on sustainability and social responsibility,” he said. “At Oxford Business Group, we have always been committed to shedding light on untapped opportunities in long-term and sustainable investment and these new trends have generated a multitude of untold stories with huge potential. I’m delighted that we now have a designated platform where we can offer subscribers valuable insight into these exciting developments and start important ESG-related conversations on an international level.”

The ESG Intelligence reports forms part of a series of tailored studies which OBG is currently producing with its partners, alongside other highly relevant, go-to research tools, including a range of country-specific Growth and Recovery Outlook articles and interviews.

Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global research and advisory company with a presence in over 30 countries, spanning Asia, the Middle East, The Americas and Asia. It is recognized internationally as a distinctive and respected provider of on-the-ground intelligence on world’s fastest-growing markets, termed The Yellow Slice, in reference to OBG’s corporate color. 

Through its range of products – Economic News and Views; OBG CEO Surveys; OBG Events and Conferences; Global Platform, which hosts exclusive video interviews; and The Report publications – as well as its Advisory division, OBG offers comprehensive and accurate analysis of macroeconomic and sector-level developments for sound investment opportunities and business decisions. 

OBG provides business intelligence to its subscribers through multiple platforms, including its direct 6 million verified subscribers, Dow Jones Factiva subscribers, the Bloomberg Professional Services subscribers, Refinitiv’s (previously Thomson Reuters) Eikon subscribers and more.

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