OTP Bank develops an extensive mentorship program that generates professional opportunities for young women at the beginning of their careers

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With continuous focus from the company on internally promotion of gender equality, OTP Bank Romania initiates GirlPower, the bank’s complex mentorship program dedicated to women, led by Roxana Hidan, Deputy General Manager, Business Division, and Mara Cristea, Deputy General Manager, Finance and Planning Division. The objective of the program is to develop pathways and generate professional opportunities for young women, aged 18-26, who want to develop their knowledge and professional skills.

No special qualifications are required for enrolment, as the program is open to eligible candidates based on age. Following the registrations, two finalists will have the opportunity to collaborate with Roxana Hidan and Mara Cristea, the GirlPower mentors.

At the end of the six-months mentorship program, the finalists will receive a scholarship worth 3,000 euros each andwill have the chance to choose, together with her mentor, a professional training program, a course, master, or specialized studies, worth the scholarship granted by OTP Bank Romania. The courses will be paid directly by the financial institution.

Roxana Hidan, Deputy General Manager, OTP Bank Romania, Business Division.

“GirlPower focuses on what is beyond appearances when it comes to a woman: she means strength, courage, determination, qualities that underlie an authentic society. The business world needs more young women, including in top management positions. That is why I am actively involved and I choose to show my feminine solidarity. GirlPower is basically an invitation addressed to women to be open, daring, and willing to dream on”

Mara Cristea, Deputy General Manager, Finance and Planning Division.

“GirlPower will certainly give me a broader perspective on the new generation of women and the challenges in their lives. After understanding the needs of the finalist, in the six months of mentoring, I will focus on finding the answers for these needs through exercises, dialogue and examples. I think of this program as a very important chapter in the young woman’s life, a chapter that can become a landmark for her, at least for a while. Personally, I aim to share my experience, feelings, and knowledge. I want GirlPower to be a transfer of information that will lead to growth”

The GirlPower mentorship program includes three stages: online registration of candidates, selection of the two finalists and completion of the six months mentoring program.

For registrations, candidates will have to opt for one of the two mentors, and complete the online registration form no later than September 30, 2021.

In the registration form, the candidates will include a link to an interview type video, of maximum 5 minutes, in which they will answer the questions asked by the chosen mentor, listed in the form.

OTP Bank Romania, a subsidiary of OTP Group, is an integrated and self-financed provider of financial services. With an approach defined by responsibility, commitment and professionalism, OTP Bank Romania understands the needs of clients and the current context of the market and is a trusted partner in the provision of financial services. The bank ranks 9th in terms of assets in the ranking of banking players in Romania, as of December 2018.

OTP Group has more than 70 years of activity in the financial sector in Central and Eastern Europe, while the Romanian subsidiary has marked 16 years of presence in the local market. Promoting innovation, stable growth and integrated financial services, OTP Group has become a dominant player in the Central and Eastern European market and is considered an important banking group even on a European scale. The community of about 40 thousand employees serves nearly 16,3 million customers daily in 11 countries.

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