Sky Zero makes its mark as it inspires hope in its first major campaign

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Sky is inspiring audiences to make planet-saving choices as well as putting its own carbon emissions commitment to the fore in the first major campaign for its new Sky Zero brand, and its associated pledge to be net zero carbon by 2030.

At the heart of the campaign is a 60-second animated film called ‘The Day The Moon Came To Earth’, which is inspired by the Overview Effect – a term to describe the profound experience astronauts have when they see the earth from space for the first time.

The campaign, made by Engine Creative, showcases our beautiful planet from the perspective of the Moon visiting for the very first time. The idea is to remind us how truly magnificent the Earth is from this fresh perspective and thereby renew our enthusiasm for making small changes which will contribute to slowing the earth’s temperature rise. And at the same time raising awareness of Sky’s own pledge to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.

As a founding member of AdGreen, the initiative aiming to reduce the impact of the advertising sector, Sky ensured the film was created in full 3D/CG animation using low emission tech and carbon off-setting so as to be a fully net zero carbon production. A marathon 20-week animation schedule included concept art, layouts, character design, modelling, lighting, animation and painstaking water simulation across multiple landscapes. All of which had to be as awe-inspiring as the real thing. 

Jodie Alliss, Head of Environment Campaigns at Sky Zero, said:

“The Moon has watched over Earth since before time began. We thought there was no better character to visit our home and remind us of the wonder it holds. But also, to highlight the uncomfortable truth that climate change is having a devastating impact on the things we love. Fortunately, we still have the opportunity to save it and, here at Sky, we want to inspire people to join us on our net zero carbon journey”.

Leon Jaume, Executive Creative Director at Engine Creative, said:

“The rage and despair at the effects of climate change are understandable, but they are not enough. To effect positive change, we instead chose the motivation of hope. We wanted to remind ourselves we live somewhere wonderful that can still be saved. And to see ourselves through fresh eyes. So, we turned to our long-term neighbour, the Moon, and imagined how she might respond to seeing Earth up close for the very first time.”

The film breaks on linear TV on 10th September in the UK, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Austria with activity also appearing on OOH, in print and on social media.

Sky Zero is the overarching brand for all the activity Sky undertakes to help reduce the effects of climate change, from its own corporate commitments, its partnerships with WWF and COP26, as well as the programming it makes to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Earlier this week Sky announced it has partnered with Tottenham Hotspur to host the world’s first net zero carbon football game at an elite level.

The September 19th fixture between Tottenham and Chelsea is supported by COP26 and the Premier League, and will be branded #GameZero, with the ambition of being net zero carbon. This is achieved when emissions are reduced as much as possible, with the remainder offset through natural projects that remove emissions from the atmosphere.

Sky, Tottenham Hotspur and the UK Government want the game to raise awareness of the threat of climate change and inspire football fans to make simple changes that will help reduce their carbon footprint.


  • Executive Creative Director: Leon Jaume
  • Senior Creatives: Pete Ioulianou, Ollie Agius
  • Head of Film: Melody Sylvester
  • Agency Producer: Melody Sylvester, Elena Sanz
  • Strategy Director: Georgina Murray-Burton
  • Business Director: Rich Williams
  • Account Director: Owen Keating
  • Account Manager: Tom Butler
  • Project Director: Louise Watts

Production Company: Partizan Studio 

  • Director: Pete Candeland, Partizan Studio 
  • Executive Producer: Duncan Gaman & Jenny Beckett, Partizan Studio 
  • Producer: Janet Smith, Partizan Studio
  • Production Manager: Theo Cassels, Partizan Studio
  • Image researcher / layout: Eugenie Scrase, Partizan Studio & Natalia Risheq, Crew  
  • Concept Artist: Daniel Cacoult, Crew 
  • Concept Artist, Character design: Lukasz Pazera, Crew
  • Character Design: (Julien Renoult) Leeroy Vanilla, Crew
  • Concept Artist, Storyboards: Kristian Antonelli, Crew
  • Look of Picture Concept: Michael Kutsche, Crew
  • Editor: Brian Raess, Sky0 

VFX supervisor: Antoine Moulineau, Light VFX 

Animation Production: LIGHT VFX 

  • Executive Producer: Guillaume Raffi, LIGHT VFX 
  • Art Director: Aurelien Ronceray, LIGHT VFX 
  • CG Supervisor: Raphaël Bot-Gartner, LIGHT VFX 
  • Creature Supervisor: Duc Nguyen, LIGHT VFX 
  • Asset supervisor: Tom Bryant, LIGHT VFX 
  • FX Supervisor: Fabian Nowak, LIGHT VFX 
  • Compositing Supervisor: Oliver Johnstone, LIGHT VFX 
  • Rigging Supervisor: Cyril Gibaud, LIGHT VFX 
  • Lead CG Generalist: Landry de Oliveira & Harry Bardak
  • Concept Artist / Matte Painter: Lukasz Pazera & Carl Edlund
  • Lighting TD: Marie Fichet, Éloise Bouvarel & Bruno Hajnal
  • Senior FX TD: Steven Dupuy, Charles Guerton & Tom Freitag
  • Creature FX TD: Yann Landry
  • Creature and Groom Artist: Chloé Roberts
  • CG Generalist: Florian Longuet, Louise Harel, Steve Bell, Craig Reid, Daniel Conner, Thomas Goldsworthy, Lauren McLaughlin
  • Animation supervisor: Landouzy Florian, LIGHT VFX 
  • Lead Animator: Thibaut Gouilloux, LIGHT VFX 
  • Animator: Léo Recoche, Sydney Padua, Rik Goddard, LIGHT VFX 
  • Rigger: Eléonore Epiney, Mickaël Garcia, Guillaume Vezzoli 
  • Compositor: Chloé Chaucheprat, Tomasz Liksza, Naomi Butler, LIGHT VFX
  • Producer: Lucy Teire, Alona Carballo, LIGHT VFX

Post Production: Engine Film – James McClean, Editor 

Post Production: Framestore – Steffan Perry, colorist & Chris Anthony, Senior colour producer 

Sound Design: Jack Sedgwick, sound engineer,  Wave

Sky is Europe’s leading media and entertainment company and is proud to be part of the Comcast group. Across six countries, we connect our 23.4 million customers to the best entertainment, sports, news and arts including our own award-winning original content.

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