Sounzone: the new platform of the first Italian music library publishes its first launch campaign

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“Love at first sync” is the campaign claim of Sounzone, the innovative music start-up founded in 2020 in Turin, Italy.

Characterised by a disruptive business model that supports musicians directly with a 50-50 revenue share, Sounzone aims to revolutionise the production music market.

The campaign, signed by the advertising agency Comunico, shows the perfect match between two worlds: video and music. A genuine love at first sight between the characters of documentaries, films, TV series, web videos and advertising on one side and musicians and producers on the other underlines the ease with which: thanks to Sounzone, music and images find their ideal complement.

Sounzone launched the new release of The new platform boasts a series of improvements in terms of UX and services dedicated to the world of advertising, cinema, TV and content creators. These are the main features of the new platform:

  1. the Video Sync Tool, allowing direct online testing of the synchronization between one’s videos and the tracks in the Sounzone catalogue;
  2. the Tag Search System, which allows a fast and precise music library search thanks to machine learning and the use of natural language;
  3. the License Calculator, which provides for immediate quotation and purchase of songs for customer-selected uses;
  4. a renewed commercial policy that allows for both single licenses and subscriptions with unlimited downloads, including the possibility to request ad hoc productions and support of Sounzone’s music supervisors.

Tiziano Lamberti, founder and CEO of Sounzone, comments:

“Today, film and creative directors, video makers and creators need quality music faster than ever. Some traditional libraries partially satisfy the time requirement but default on quality because they don’t compensate their artists. Sounzone was created to offer creators fairly-priced quality music and reduced production times while giving independent musicians the correct remuneration for their studies and life’s work.”

Comunico agency will support the launch of the new platform with an advertising campaign on all digital media.
Founded in 2020, Sounzone already has a rich catalogue that includes international musicians and has sold its subscriptions all over the world. Amongst Sounzone’s there are already high-profile clients such as Abarth, Amazon Prime, Fiat, Illy, Jeep, Kartell, Mediaset, Mizuno, Pininfarina, Volkswagen e Yamaha.

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