Cohn & Jansen communicates Wet, the new drink launched by Valvis Holding Group


Wet, the new drink launched by Valvis Holding Group and communicated by Cohn & Jansen, is a hard seltzer with natural mineral water and 4.5% alcohol. Wet is gluten free, with no artificial coloring or preservatives. Produced in Romania, by Valvis Holding Group, Wet is available in different flavors: Wet Mango, Wet Peach, Wet Minty Lime and Wet Grapefruit.

The Brand:

Wet is brand new, developed from scratch, with a name by Cohn & Jansen and pack designed by Valvis Holding Group.

“We wanted to have a name with traction, that would shape the attitude of the entire communication, a name similar to the product and to its target – uninhibited”, says Felicia Stoica, Cohn & Jansen.

The idea seen by Cohn & Jansen:

“No one wants to be left high and dry when there’s fun involved. It’s not just the alcohol, but everything Wet is wittier, less boring, it refreshes you both literally and figuratively. Plus, dry is the norm. Wet can still surprise you”, believes Roxana Cristea, Cohn & Jansen.

The campaign and the extra-campaign:

Wet has all it needs for a proper launch: a TVC – fresh, colorful and vibrant by Tessa Doniga Johnson, plus Digital, Brand Experience and Social Media.

The teams

Valvis Holding

Jean Valvis – President & CEO

Christos Valvis – Project Manager

Adrian Chiforescu – Brand Manager

Valentina Vesler – Communication & Advertising Director

Marius Perte, Cristian Megherlich – Art Directors

Andreea- Stefania Velicoiu, Raluca Popescu – Social Media

Gabriel Sfatescu – Paid Media

Menotty Tudosie – Special Projects Manager

Cohn & Jansen

Roxana Cristea, Felicia Stoica, Octavian Budai – creatives

Cristina Abdel – strategy

Miriam Ivanescu, Andreea Mateescu – Client Service

Ilinca Dumitrescu – AV

Gabriela Gheorghe – DTP

Production House – MME

Director TVC: Tessa Doniga Johnson

Production Social Media: Norbert Fodor