Andreea Filip (Oxygen): Communication teams need to be agile and able to operate changes on the fly


Andreea FIlip, New Business Director Oxygen, says, in an interview for Business Review, that today’s advertising industry in Romania can be defined as “transformation on the go”, considering the changes the last 2 years brought within the industry.

Andreea Filip:

The advertising industry is at the forefront of the changes, we are in the first line when it comes to supporting brands adapt their image and communication during these uncertain times. It changed or adapted the messages, the approach, to being helpful, empathetic, providing value and support.

Filip says that the said transformation led to more focus on CSR & Sustainability projects.

When it comes of the expectations the clients have from the agencies today, she says clients expect guidance and support. Also, according to her, there is an increased demand for communication teams who are “agile in planning and change on the go, agile in delivering integrated solutions” at a fast pace.

The full interview is available, in English, on Business Review’s website.