Kivra’s co-founder joins Flowbox as new CTO

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The SaaS company Flowbox has recruited Kivra’s co-founder and former CTO Bip Thelin as new CTO. Bip Thelin will lead the technical development of the product and scale the IT organization in order support the continued growth of Flowbox.

Kivra was founded in Stockholm 2011 and is a secure digital mailbox which facilitates interaction and communication between companies and consumers. Today, Kivra has 4 million users in Sweden and more than 37,000 companies and public organizations send digital mail through the service. Bip Thelin is one of the co-founders and the former CTO. He has successfully led the technical development of the platform and scaled the architecture and infrastructure of Kivra. Bip Thelin is joining the Swedish content marketing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company Flowbox in November as their new CTO.

“The market that Flowbox is in is very exciting. It’s a fast-moving industry with a lot of innovation. Flowbox has a unique position in that market, both in terms of the product and how the company is structured to the people and the employees. As a professional I’m driven by new challenges. The energy and vision of the company as well as the startup atmosphere is something that appealed to me and I’m excited to become a part of Flowbox’s journey and to contribute to the product and organization,” says Bip Thelin.

Flowbox is a B2B content marketing platform that enables businesses to collect and manage user generated content which can then be used by the companies in their own social and digital marketing. Flowbox was founded in 2016 and has grown rapidly from startup to a scaleup. The company has today over 70 employees and about 500 brands as customers in 28 countries. Bip Thelin will play an important role in continuing to build the next generation content marketing platform and forming a scalable IT organization.

“We’re delighted to welcome Bip to Flowbox. Bip’s know-how and experience from building Kivra’s platform will be a key asset to our success, as our company and product continue to grow. He will play a crucial part in strengthening our company culture as a pioneering SaaS company,” says Marcus Carloni, CEO at Flowbox.

Bip Thelin has extensive experience of technical development in various lead roles and has a background as a software architect, technology strategist and software developer. Prior to Kivra, he had the role of Business Area Manager at the IT consulting company Axians, formerly QBranch, where he successfully built and grew their software development offering. As a CTO at Flowbox, Bip’s mission will be to connect the product and technology with the business, and create an architecture that supports the development of the platform onwards.

“I’m passionate about technology. To search for solutions, innovate and find new ways of improving a product by using technology is something that drives me. It’s important however, that the technology supports the overall product vision. As a product owner, it’s crucial to understand the market and know how to prioritize,” says Bip Thelin.

Bip Thelin is taking over the role as a CTO after Vlada Wester, CPO, who’s been an interim CTO at Flowbox since March this year.

Flowbox is an award-winning SaaS company offering a visual marketing platform to help brands leverage and distribute social content throughout the buyer journey to increase engagement, social proof and sales. Flowbox’s heart lies in how technology can help brands generate and use owned, paid, earned and user generated content for a more effective, converting and transparent marketing and e-commerce. Through our platform, our customers are able to collect, moderate and publish content to their website, online shop and social channels.