In-Game Ad Campaign From EMPIRE and Anzu Helps Babyface Ray’s ‘FACE’ Top The Charts

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American independent record label EMPIRE partnered with the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform to launch an exciting in-game ad campaign for the new album ‘FACE’ from Detroit-based Hip Hop artist Babyface Ray.

Recognizing the convergence of entertainment, music, and gaming in contemporary US culture, and with 226M gamers in the US and growing, EMPIRE utilized the reach and impact of in-game advertising to support the new release, achieving the novelty value required for Babyface to stand out and succeed in such a competitive market.

Working in partnership with EMPIRE, Anzu delivered a solution to meet the campaign’s twin objectives – to grow awareness of the album release, and drive listening consideration.

By prioritizing a target audience of young males, including the all-important early adopters and influencers, Anzu helped EMPIRE deliver a national campaign that sought to spread awareness far beyond Babyface’s Detroit heartland and build a platform for sustained global success.

The campaign ran across many popular mobile and PC titles from Anzu’s vast premium inventory – including Ubisoft’s Trackmania, Axis Football, Left To Survive, Slapshot: Rebound, and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator – via in-game ad placements that were built into the gaming environment, complementing play, and enhancing the realism of the experience.

To measure and understand the impact of the campaign, Anzu worked with its partner, Lumen Research which specializes in attention measurement. Lumen reported that the in-game ads delivered an outstanding composite attention score that was 3.9x their desktop display benchmark, along with 93% viewability on PC and 94% on mobile. Such high attention levels are synonymous with gaming as there is no second screening, and the audience is leaned in and switched on.

Lumen Research also revealed that the outstanding attention metrics converted into recall and intent with zero spontaneous misattribution to other rap artists, and the test group significantly outscored the control group when it came to listening intent.

Peter Kadin, SVP of Marketing at EMPIRE said: “The campaign exceeded all expectations and played a huge part in helping us spread the word about Babyface Ray’s new album. There is a movement toward entertainment mediums converging, and gaming is at the epicenter of this shift. Bringing Babyface Ray into the gaming world has allowed us to reach his fans in an engaging way in their favorite games.”

EMPIRE is the latest in a steady stream of premium brands, including Vodafone, PepsiCo, American Eagle, and Samsung, that are recognizing the overwhelming potential of in-game advertising for their marketing campaigns. They have partnered with Anzu to bring their campaigns to life in some of the globe’s most popular and engaging mobile, PC, console, and Roblox titles.

Anzu’s Sales Director US (West Coast) Matt Jablon said: “Entertainment brands like EMPIRE are turning to in-game advertising as it opens up new opportunities to reach historically hard-to-find audiences. In-game also allows these brands to engage with passionate gamers in a fun, non-intrusive way that enhances the gaming experience.

Entertainment is a strong vertical for in-game advertising because these brands typically have attractive and engaging advertising content. Through research studies like we did with EMPIRE, we find that the gaming audience is highly receptive to these brands advertising their content within their favorite games. I’m excited to see more brands begin to adopt in-game advertising as a core component of their media strategy.”

Anzu is the most advanced in-game ad solution for mobile, PC, console, and Roblox. Anzu’s in-game ads put players first and help advertisers reach audiences programmatically in a non-disruptive and highly engaging way. A patented 3D ad tracking engine, the first to bring viewability measurement in-game with Oracle Moat, and partnerships with trusted AdTech vendors make Anzu the preferred in-game advertising partner for advertisers worldwide.

Anzu helps game developers monetize their titles with ad placements that complement the gameplay, resulting in reliable revenue streams. The sole officially licensed in-game ad provider for Xbox, the first ad platform to become Unity verified, and with a self-serve dashboard that provides complete control over ad placements, Anzu is the preferred in-game ad monetization partner for developers worldwide.

Backed by WPP, Sony Innovation Fund, NBCUniversal, HTC, BITKRAFT, and other prominent investors, Anzu has raised $37M to make advertising in games better.