Business influencer Steven Bartlett, confirmed as Nudgestock headline speaker 

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Nudgestock, the world’s biggest behavioural science festival now in its tenth year, has announced it will be streaming live on June 10th for ten hours straight. The event organized by Ogilvy Consulting and hosted by their behavioral science legend Rory Sutherland, will have a series of eighteen global authorities talking hot topics from sustainability and diversity to motivation and leadership. The event, which is free to attend, had over 40,000 online attendees last year.   

Top entrepreneur, author, producer and B2B influencer Steven Bartlett is headlining Nudgestock. As one of the world’s most prominent businessmen, he founded social media company Social Chain in 2014, now on target to turn over €1bn of revenue in 2023. His debut book made him a Sunday Times bestseller in 2021, and Steven’s podcast, The Diary of a CEO, is one of the most downloaded business series in the world. He is the youngest-ever investor to star in TV show Dragons Den and in 2020 he was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.  

Nudgestock is thrilled to have Steven, who will be talking with Ogilvy Consulting’s behavioral science legend Rory Sutherland about a range of topics surrounding the three main themes of this year’s Nudgestock; Sustainability, Misinformation and Anti-Trends.  

Rory Sutherland 

“If you base your business success on technological gizmo then you have something that will give you a competitive advantage for 18 months to two years. On the other hand, if your brand rests on a solid understand of unchanging psychological truths, then what you have is a completely enduring competitive advantage.”

Other speakers include Google’s and Obama’s behavioural specialist Maya Shankar talking public policy; Goldsmith’s Virtual Reality expert Sylvia Pan examining consumer sociability; best-selling author and Whitehouse speech writer Dan Pink revealing the trick of long-term motivation; America’s foremost economist Katy Milkman discussing incentive drivers;  top psychologist Paco Underhill unpicking the science of shopping and acclaimed speaker Mathew Syed unlocking the high-performance mindset.   

At Nudgestock, c-suite marketeers learn how to think like a behavioral scientist, where counter-intuitive ideas and real-world case studies are discussed, debated, and celebrated by the planet’s boldest thinkers. The day will tackle how rethinking sustainability and diversity can promote balance, how our age of misinformation and polarization is warping society, and how behavioral science can track the changing nature of consumerism.