a2 Milk™ promoted to Canadians with a disruptive and distinctive campaign

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a2 Milk™, a licensed brand under Burnaby, BC based Agrifoods Cooperative, is introducing a first of its kind milk campaign to show Canadians that not all milks are equal.

Created by agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo, the star of the digital-first campaign is a dishonest catfish who contrasts the easier to digest benefit of a2 Milk against a humourous, relatable life moment that is anything but digestible. The objective was to disrupt purchasing habits and get people to consider a new brand of milk that helps them feel amazing.

In one video, we see a first date set in a coffee shop. The woman is on her phone looking at a dating app comparing her date, the catfish, to his fake dating profile. She realizes that she’s been ‘catfished’, pours some a2 Milk into her coffee and takes a sip to feel better, proving that a2 Milk is easier to digest than being catfished, by a real catfish. The new campaign is rolling out this week across social media platforms, digital video and display.

“This campaign was built to be distinctive and disruptive in the dairy category.” says Danielle Pearson, President of Agrifoods Nutrition Division. “We have a unique product that is proven to be gut-friendly, and we wanted to demonstrate that in a memorable way to Canadian consumers.”

Rounding out the campaign are contextual, high impact digital ads that focus on educating Canadian consumers on the advantages of milk that comes from cows that naturally only produce the A2 protein.

“For us, it was about stopping power and being able to get people to think about milk in a different way,” says Brian Murray, Executive Creative Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “We purposely avoided any dairy tropes and took an unconventional path that highlights the attributes of a2 Milk in a way that will resonate. We’re excited to see it launch!”

Zulu Alpha Kilo led the strategy, creative development, and production. The Other Shop supported Quebec market creative, and Zenith Media was behind the media planning and buying.

The launch of the campaign for B.C. based Agrifoods Cooperative comes on the heels of the opening of Zulu’s Vancouver office, which was formally announced in February.

The a2 Milk Company was founded in 2000 in New Zealand by Dr. Corran McLachlan after a scientific research showed that proteins in milk affect people differently. a2 Milk® comes from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein. Published research suggests a2 Milk® may help avoid stomach discomfort. For more information on The a2 Milk Company, its products, and location availability, please visit

Agrifoods holds the exclusive Canadian a2 Milk™ brand license. In business for over a century, Agrifoods Cooperative has grown to become one of Canada’s leading cooperatives with over 2,900 members and a family of brands – Organic Meadow, Rolling Meadow, Meadowfresh, Earth’s Own, Happy Planet, Scardillo and the Canadian Licensee of a2 Milk™ – which have become leaders in the health and wellness industry, producing a wide range of premium, on-trend, wholesome foods and beverages available from coast to coast.www.agrifoods.ca


  • Client: a2 Milk
  • Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
  • Executive Creative Director: Brian Murray
  • Head of Design: Stephanie Yung
  • CD/Art Director: Kevin Sato
  • ACD/Writer: Ryan Kukec 
  • Art Director: Lucyed Hernandez, Ian Schwey, Jason Hill
  • Writer: Laura Biggar, Gerald Kugler, David Ross
  • Design Director: Dejan Djuric
  • Designer: Kevin Sato, Jackman Chiu
  • Account Team: David Tremblay, Samantha Tang
  • Planning Team: Heather Segal, Shaunagh Farrelly
  • Director of Integrated Production:  Ola Stodulska
  • Agency Producers: Risa Sone, Laura Dubcovsky, Tim Lynch
  • Clients: Danielle Pearson, Ursula Klein, Lindsey Simpson
  • Media Agency: Zenith
  • Media Agency Planner: Steve White, Renee Newton, Sean O’Connell
  • Production House: Spy Films
  • Director: Fatal Farm (Zachary Johnson)
  • Production House Executive Producer: Marcus Trulli
  • Production House Line Producer: Adrian Cheung
  • Director of Photography: André Pienaar
  • Video Post Facility / Editing Company: Zulubot
  • Executive Producer: Tom Evans
  • Head of Production Adam Palmer
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  • Sound Design: Noah Mroueh
  • Motion Design: Matt Greenwood
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  • Web Developer: Kyle Collins
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