Free delivery, full of humor, all over the country, in the latest Altex campaign signed by DDB Romania

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We are used to being surrounded by news about price increases, delays, problems, and we want to escape. Being Romanians, we are used to using humor to make fun of trouble or to get out of various situations. Altex, the retail brand close to the Romanian, chooses again the humor and the comic of the situation to present its new service and create a different and welcome reality.

The new Altex campaign signed by DDB Romania emphasizes the lightness of the benefit of having free delivery, all over the country, for products bought online, if the amount spent is at least 100 RON. The only exceptions are products over 30 kg, tires and drinks.

The new designs illustrate the normality that Altex has already become accustomed to, that of providing / integrating services that are very useful to customers, regardless of the contexts experienced in the over 30 years of the brand’s existence on the market.

“The Romanian is inventive. No matter what gets in his way: communism, capitalism, crises, inflation, high prices, expensive gasoline – he still finds a way around all the evils that befall him. And he bypasses them with the mastery of a rally champion who has the brave soldier Svejk as his co-driver. And instead of dust, behind the car are stories full of humor, only good to introduce the new Altex Free Transport service, which is part of the normal Altex ,” said Ștefan Vasilachi, Creative Director of DDB Romania.

“We love shopping and we want to continue to enjoy the condition it offers us. In the pandemic and after it, during the border war, we are still questioning the peace and the waves of price increases. The free delivery service welcomes Romanians, helping them to continue to enjoy shopping. One less worry, one more joy. A real benefit for customers transmitted in a humorous and creative way “, says Carmen Căpitănescu, Altex Romania marketing manager.

The teams that contributed to the campaign:

ALTEX: Carmen Căpitănescu – Manager Marketing; Mihaela Petrica – Marketing Campaign Manager Altex; Amalia Olaru – Marketing Campaign Manager Altex

DDB: Ștefan Vasilachi – Creative Director; Alex Tocilescu –  Group Creative Director; Mihai Calotă – Group Creative Director; Eduard Dan Tudor – Art Director; Roxana Țâmpău – Managing Director; Luciana Cucoaneș – Head of Strategy; Karina Condei – Strategic Planner; Cătălina Biro – Account Director; Bianca Greaca – Senior Account Executive.

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