“Sharing your passion for music with the world. Priceless”, the Mastercard invitation

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Mastercard continues its partnership with Electric Castle, one of the most important music festivals in Romania, organized at Banffy Castle, in Cluj, between July 13 – 17, and encourages festival-goers to follow their passions, under the concept of “Sharing your passion for music with the world. Priceless™”.

During the 5 days of the festival, participants will be able to discover Mastercard Maze, an area with immersive sensory experiences, based on technology, which take their passion to the next level. Built in as a labyrinth, Mastercard Maze takes participants on a route that stimulates their senses and creativity.

From a room specially designed for a silent party, where music lovers feel the rhythm directly on the skin, through subpac waistcoats, to a soundboard where participants can create music using their sense of touch, to the room with live DJ sessions, where an interactive floor lights according to the dance movements, culminating in a space where they can make an original music video, playing a set of drums – Mastercard offers all the elements to live the passion for music to the next level.

“Mastercard has built a platform that gives people the context to tell their stories about their passions, to live intense moments and to connect with others in unique ways. And a music festival as long-awaited and unique as Electric Castle is the ideal place where the brand can create for participants a unique experience, around the passion for music, where they can experience a sensory space, with activations and technologies that can help them take their passion to the next level.

These types of experiences are part of Mastercard’s DNA and reflect the multisensory personality of the brand. Music is an essential element in this mix of senses, and through our presence at Electric Castle we carry forward our innovative approach as a sonic brand with our own audio identity. It is just an example of what we can achieve when passion meets innovation “, said Ioana Gorganeanu, Head of Marketing and Communication, Mastercard Romania, Croatia, Israel and Balkans.

“People love Electric Castle because it is always innovative and creative, and the fact that they find these things in everything Mastercard has prepared for the 8th edition of the festival is a new confirmation of a partnership that has managed to create memorable experiences throughout years”, says Doru Rusănescu, Head of Sponsorship & Consumer Experience.

Mastercard is the festival’s favorite card and provides participants with a secure, simple and fast payment experience every day, including for the purchase of tickets, as well as for payments with the Mastercard card during the festival, in the specially marked places.

The priceless experience at the festival is completed by the Mastercard Premium Lounge operated by Biutiful, where festival-goers can enjoy delicious dishes or sensational cocktails, while watching the performances of the artists on the main stage.

The eight edition of Electric Castle is set to be an unforgettable musical experience for the over 250,000 people expected to participate at the festival that will bring almost 300 artists from 24 countries, on 10 stages, for over 100 hours of music live.