Sonica Works creates the campaign for Alka’s brand Soocitzii

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Launched at the end of 2020, Soocitzii, good brothers of Meteoritzi and Toortitzi, the snacks created by Alka have not benefited from communication campaigns in these two years. Time passed, they stood the ultimate test: consumers adopted and appreciated them. After 2 years, the time has come for them to tell their story. A smart and courageous promotion campaign is the answer for the Soocitzi brand to settle as a preference in the hearts of consumers.

“Soocitizi is a brave brand launched in the middle of the pandemic, when consumers were relatively reluctant to try new things, and which managed to win the hearts of Romanians without ATL support. Their success was based on a correctly defined mix: a distinctive, funny and friendly brand, attractive packaging, a strong presence on the shelf, a fair price and of course a very good product, which surprises with its crunchiness and “twisted” combination of tastes. Of course, the fact that they are brothers with Toortitzii – well known and loved by Romanians – was an additional reason for consumers to try them and let themselves be conquered.

If so far Romanians have discovered Soocitzi on the shelf or through friends, the time has come for them to be put in the spotlight and for as many people as possible to get to know them.

We found in Sonica a strategic and creative partner, with whom we can put Soocitzi on the stage of communication, doing things in a thorough way: we started from the consumers and defined together the brand positioning and the communication strategy”, says Raluca Bies-Haffner, Marketing Director of Alka Group RO.

The first step for Sonica: a qualitative research based on which the positioning of the brand was defined. The priority was to identify the current status of the salty snack market and find the main motivations for consumption.

“We have a healthy habit at our agency, to understand our consumers through valuable research, not through assumptions and personal experiences that may not always be relevant. What we found out is that snacks produce that good mood in such a subtle way that you don’t need to think too much. That is, after you start munching on them, that’s it, you pay attention to the match, email, series, game or discussion with friends – and the snack remains to take care of the good mood,” says Alexandra Mihuș, co- founder and Client Service Partner of Sonica Works.

The second step was the development of the communication strategy for the new snack created by Manole the elephant: Soocitzi.

“What’s wrong with Soocit? To twist the classic snacking contexts. Precisely because they are not just a simple snack – their shape is different, the ingredients and recipes are twisted, but with a good and tasty ending. Thus, the Soocitzi have the power to interrupt the “hack” on autopilot with “What the hack am I eating here?” said Diana Benko, co-founder and Managing Partner of Sonica Works.

Thus, with certain steps, the third stage was reached: the communication campaign. With a simple message, but with a twist. Having the product in focus – the unique taste and shape – we instantly have a curiosity hook addressed to the viewers.

“It works almost like a warning that, if you’ve already tasted them, you understand from the first (it’s almost like that inside joke between us, those who know it). And if you haven’t tasted them, read the messages below. You feel like trying them to understand, don’t you?”Laura Nedelschi, Creative Director Sonica Works.

The campaign catches the eyes of consumers in more than 185 OOH locations, on the digital screen networks in the country and on all subway lines in Bucharest.

Sonica team:
Răzvan Căpănescu – Creative Partner
Laura Nedelschi – Creative Director
Paul Bratu – Senior Art Director
Diana Benko – Managing Partner
Alexandra Mihuș – Client Service Partner
Ruxandra Custura – Account Executive

Alka team:
Raluca Bies-Haffner – Marketing Director
Irina Ganea – Senior Category Brand Manager Salted Baked Snacks