Anca Ciuluvică: „The long-term relations and strong bonds with our clients and partners are both our advantage and differentiator”

Creativity, Digital & Media

Spoon is taking a new step towards the development of the data analysis and media performance services, through the new role that Anca Ciuluvică will play in the team, She will be developing new services and tools to solve the needs that customers feel in the relationship with the dynamics of the digital environment. “For a smarter tomorrow” is the concept that Anca proposes to the Spoon team and, together with Claudia Chirilescu, they refresh the Spoon philosophy, which has always been distinguished by the dedication they have offered to customers and their needs. spent time with Anca Ciuluvică and found out more about her plans and the new position in the agency.

AdHugger: What are your main goals in the new status?

I started this journey with the desire to improve the services we are providing and to grow our internal performance. I constantly research and implement new strategies and tools that help us gain more knowledge about the market and consumer trends.

AdHugger: What were the first decisions you took and why?

Some of my first decisions were to upgrade a few of our tools. Furthermore, I made status reports of all accounts and listed all the recurring tasks. I took all these decisions to better plan our next moves regarding upgrading some processes that are time-consuming for us. Our goal for the future is to develop new tools for our clients.

AdHugger: What attracts you the most to this industry and why?

For me, it is all about the dynamism of this industry. Recently, we saw how unpredictable consumer behaviour became and how things shifted as the context changed. It’s very interesting to observe the environment and learn how to predict what will be trending next.

AdHugger: How is Spoon positioning differently, and what are its main advantages on the market?

The long-term relations and strong bonds with our clients and partners are both our advantage and differentiator. We pay attention to details and support our clients to successfully grow their businesses. Data analysis is our strong point as we do extensive research before and after campaigns, from which we achieve valuable insights. Our reports and strategies are tailor-made for each business’s needs and objectives. 

Our approach implies dedication in each project we are involved in and putting our minds together to achieve the desired goals.

AdHugger: What are the main needs that customers feel in the relationship with the dynamics of the digital environment?

As the digital environment changes in such a fast rhythm, we need to find new ways to catch our customers’ attention. We saw that users’ attention spans decreased over the years, so we must deliver concise messages.

AdHugger: How do you approach them?

We do this by using formats and messages that are relevant to the targeted audience, and we always optimize our creatives and strategies in real time so we can achieve the best results at the end of each campaign.

AdHugger: How has the importance of data evolved in recent years, in your opinion?

I think the importance of data has increased especially in the collection and comparison side. What we do best is to use this information to gain qualitative insights about campaigns and performance in general. Besides that, we can now see data being used everywhere from art to finances and medicine.

AdHugger: What represents the concept “For a smarter tomorrow” that you are proposing?

This concept is strongly connected to our business goal. We want to be up to date with what happens in the digital environment and to predict as much as we can regarding trend fluctuations. It means we take into consideration all things implied so we can get the best out of our advertising efforts.

AdHugger: How are you and the agency adapting to the latest trends?

We stay up to date by researching all kinds of resources from trend reports to market research and other marketing tools. We also investigate platforms to see how consumers change their behaviour.

AdHugger: What do you consider to be those trends in 2023 and why?

In 2023 video content will continue to rise as social platforms are also pushing this trend further. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will also continue to grow as this type of content gained so much popularity already and is so present on social platforms.