SHOW The Agency, a new independent agency, debuts on Romanian advertising market

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SHOW The Agency, a new independent advertising and brand experience agency, debuts this year on the Romanian advertising market. The agency is founded by three partners: Călin Ichim, Executive Director, with experience in brand communication and account management; Evelina Din, Director of Product, with experience in strategic creative product development and Joaquin Bonilla, Managing Partner, who has been active on the local and international advertising and brand experience market for more than 20 years.

Through its working model, SHOW The Agency positions itself as a business partner, working alongside clients to develop strategic solutions aimed to achieve both communication and business objectives. The focus on the quality of the advertising product and strategic creative solutions, along with the orientation towards maximizing the potential of each campaign, represents the agency’s best practice commitment to each project.

The new agency offers integrated ATL, BTL and Digital services, anchored in a solid strategic foundation and with the vision to develop a brand’s potential. SHOW The Agency consists of a team of exclusive network of professionals from creative industries – specialists in digital & KOL marketing, photo-video production, branding and communications – their work experience covering sectors such as automotive, tech, luxury retail & fashion, pharma, tobacco & alcohol, HoReCa and FMCG.

Călin Ichim, Executive Director, SHOW The Agency.

“In dealing with clients we avoid the ‘the agency is always right’ or ‘the client is always right’ approach. We focus on the ability of two sides with different expertise to sit at the table together and find strategic, meaningful solutions, both in terms of their business and the final consumer experience. We don’t develop product for the sake of beauty or awards, but for the sake of efficiency and we always try to demonstrate return-on-investment for clients.”

Evelina Din, Director of Product, SHOW The Agency.

“We are going through a radical change in the consumption paradigm. Brands can no longer just sell a beautiful, intangible story, they need to adapt to the current social needs and become an active part of the consumer’s reality, contributing to their lives – on a more superficial or deeper level, depending on the type of service they offer. For us, creativity is complex process – we believe a lot in artistic expression, but we don’t forget that at the end of the day we are businesspeople and every artistic act in our industry must have a very clear rationale behind it and concrete results”

Joaquin Bonilla, Managing Partner, SHOW The Agency.

“My 20+ years on the local and international advertising market make the founding of this agency the next logical step in a career where I can say I have had the opportunity to experiment in all sectors of activity. I have always been looking for new challenges and to discover new creative dimensions, and 2023 marks a new beginning in every way. From behind the scenes, I can say that we are working on plans to scale the agency and we are expecting a full year.”

SHOW The Agency is an independent advertising and brand experience agency, founded in Bucharest. The agency offers an integrated range of ATL, BTL and Digital services, positioning itself as a business partner for its clients.