To win is easier with the newest Altex and Media Galaxy campaign signed by DDB Romania

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Most of the time we do not trust contests or promotions because we imagine that it is hard to win something. But this is just a myth, and the new Altex and Media Galaxy promotional campaign comes to dispel it.

The campaign carried out between February 9 and March 1 brings to the attention of customers a very simple mechanism: you log into your Altex or Media Galaxy account and buy online or in stores and you can earn all your money back. The prize is awarded in the form of a voucher that can be used later for purchases for 1 year, anywhere other than Altex or Media Galaxy.

The chances of winning are higher than ever: 1 in 100 to get back the amount you spent.

“Being a leader on the retail market in Romania, we have always aimed to be the first in new initiatives, to come up with new ideas, to always innovate through the area of ​​products and services offered. With the help of the current promotional campaign, we continue to be a trend setter on the retail market and bring to the attention of customers an original campaign with a large number of chances of winning for the consumer. Always with a smile on my face and looking at life with cheerfulness and optimism,” said Carmen Căpitănescu, Altex Romania Marketing Director.

“In a common playing field Altex and Media Galaxy, we chose to dramatize the main hook: the very high chances of winning, 1 in 100. As an exercise of imagination, for every 1 million customers participating in the promotion, 10,000 customers will be awarded . So many that there could be many acquaintances among them, even office colleagues, as the spot well illustrates. We continued to go for the surprise factor and use humor, in order to reach the consumer’s soul as quickly as possible,” said Roxana Ţâmpău, Managing Director of DDB Romania.

The promotional campaign benefits from TV, online and offline support (digital, Altex and Media Galaxy stores).

The teams that carried out the campaign are made up of:

Altex & Media Galaxy

Carmen Căpitănescu – Director Marketing Altex;

Mihaela Petrică – Marketing Campaign Manager Altex;

Ioana Scheau– Marketing Campaign Manager Altex

DDB Romania

Alex Tocilescu – Group Creative Director

Mihai Calotă – Group Creative Director

Roxana Niță – Creative Director

Karina Condei – Strategic Planner

Cătălina Biro – Account Director

Roxana Ţâmpău – Managing Director