Nivea and Romanian Highlight PR – campaign on Woman’s Day


On Women’s Day, Nivea and Highlight PR launched a campaign celebrating the beauty and strength of mother-daughter relation.

“Mother and daughter in the SPOTlight – powered by Luminous630®” campaign focuses on the connection between two generations, highlighting the individual beauty of each woman and the way mothers and daughters inspire each other, becoming mutual role models of strength, trust and beauty.

Lorena Șerban, Nivea brand ambassador, is at the center of the project, being the protagonist of a video-manifesto, together with her mother. Sharing personal stories, the two demonstrate how one can be a role model for a loved one, as well as how a skincare ritual can become a bond in a mother-daughter relationship.

Raluca Oprea, PR Manager Highlight PR.

‘Our campaign with Nivea is about the bonds that define us and the strength we find every day in our relationships. At the heart of this initiative is the deep bond between mother and daughter, mirroring the strength, compassion and inspiration they bring to the lives of those around them. We are proud to be with Nivea in this campaign that reminds us that beauty is more than a superficial appearance – it is a state of mind, an expression of confidence and self-love.’

Through the campaign “Mother and daughter in the SPOTlight – powered by Luminous630®”, Nivea reaffirms its commitment to promote self-confidence and authentic beauty regardless of age. Highlight PR’s campaign shines a light on skincare as a ritual that further bonds the relationship between a mother and her daughter, while showing that trust can be learned and passed down from generation to generation.

Rumiana Kovacheva, Marketing Manager Beiersdorf RO/BG/MD.

Skincare is a ritual and the bond between mother and daughter becomes stronger when you take care of yourself because you feel good in your skin and become more confident. With the help of the Nivea Luminous630® range, we brought to the fore the relationship between mother and daughter and showed how the skin care routine is the ritual through which they can support each other.’

The “Mother and Daughter in the SPOTlight – powered by Luminous630®” campaign strengthened its social media presence with a series of clips where countless content creators invited their mothers to share their experiences and lessons, helping to promote the message of power and trust between generations.

Highlight PR team:
Aela Cotabiță – Managing Director
Raluca Oprea – PR Manager

Alexandra Nae – PR Executive

Andreea Dobranici – Creative Director
Gabriel Coman – Copywriter

NIVEA team:

Ana-Maria Oilă – Brand Manager

Andrei Șerban – Consumer Journey Manager

Alexandru Rîpa – Media & PR Manager


Adrian Rântaru – Video Producer

Ionuț Racoreanu – Scenographer

Ana Ioana Mușet – Makeup & Hair

Studio Fotofilm 365 – Studio

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