TwoShots Unveils Coca-Cola’s vibrant campaign in Middle East and Central Asia

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In partnership with Coca-Cola, the dynamic directing duo TwoShots unveiled their latest campaign, consisting of a compelling 9 videos tailored for Middle East, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkish markets. Out of those, 6 videos have already been released, the final three being set to premiere at the end of Ramadan.

TwoShots, comprising Greg Ferro and Mattia Lunardi, brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to the campaign, seamlessly blending lifestyle and food elements into a visually stunning narrative. The campaign aims to capture the very essence of Gen-Z, a generation that champions authenticity and immersive experiences in every facet of life. From relishing traditional recipes to indulging in a refreshing Coca-Cola, the campaign shares the Gen-Z philosophy of living life to the fullest.

A combination of modern cinematography and documentary-style shots defines the campaign’s visual language, creating an atmosphere that is both authentic and imperfect. The significant connection between tabletop and live action elements is a standout feature, with the product seamlessly integrated into cohesive narratives, providing audiences with a heightened and more natural storytelling experience. Elevating the immersive journey, the campaign skillfully incorporates sound effects and ASMR sounds, inviting the audience to actively engage in the unfolding narrative.

A distinctive hallmark of the campaign is its commitment to preserving a unique character for each film in the series. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive recipes of the targeted countries, this meticulous approach ensures a diverse yet cohesive representation of Coke moments. Celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of each market, the campaign delivers a thoughtful and compelling visual journey.


  • Director/DP: TwoShots (EyeCandy+Mattia Lunardi)
  • Client: Coca-Cola
  • Agency: Hogarth – Soho
  • PH: Film Pudding
  • Executive Producer: Layal Moukahal
  • Editor: Margherita Chiatti
  • Colorist: Danilo Vittori

TwoShots are Greg Ferro (tabletop maniac, technique-enthusiast director and DP EyeCandy) and Mattia Lunardi, director with a lasting experience in comedy and lifestyle films with a strong storytelling. They’re Italian and they’re Milan (and worldwide) based.

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