Biz Innovation Forum by Romanian Biz Magazine to take place in Bucharest on March 15

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Romanian Biz Magazine hosts, on March 15th, at InterContinental Athénée Palace Bucharest, Biz Innovation Forum, an event dedicated to innovation in business that concentrates in just a day ways to identify the right innovation for a certain company, strategies and ways to apply innovation and ways to improve own business.

Biz Innovation Forum brings together top speakers in order to make available to the audience an applied guide of today tech which serving to building the future.

Marta Usurelu, owner Biz, says:

At Biz Innovation Forum, we will get to know innovators who use AI to change the way we are thinking, implementing and developing businesses. Innovation doesn’t mean only AI, creativity and being open to new, but also discipline in implementation and a new vision at leadership level. We are happy to bring a concentrated dose of information and inspiration in a single day, in order to find out how innovative companies are managing to change the world

Among the speakers attending the event are Nicolas Boitout (Founder & Principal Consultant on Data/AI/Cloud), William Benthall (Global Government Relations Director Glovo), Corina Sandu (Campaign & Categories Manager Samsung România), Gabriela Nistor (CEO Salt Bank), Bogdan Putinică (Country Manager Microsoft România & Moldova), George Grama (Founder Atlas Navi Los Angeles), Emma Zeicescu (Director of Communications Philip Morris România), Bogdan Țurcanu (Head of Marketing PRO TV), Mihai Filip (CEO OVES Enterprise), Andrei Brodețchi (CEO OptiCare), Gabriela Lupaș-Țicu (Chief Customer Officer NN România), Ruxandra Cord (CEO & Co-founder, Mihail Gîrneț (CEO Bobnet Group), Bogdan Năforniță (CEO & Cofondator Profluo) and Alexandru Tănasă (Digital Business Advisor Arggo). The participants will also assist to a debate on ideas and perspectives from 2 different angles, with Victor Kapra (Online & Social Media Consultant) and the Romanian influencer Louis Florea. Biz Innovation Forum is hosted by Toader Păun.

One of the top moments of the day is New Age AI session, powered by Samsung, where participants will meet innovators who are already using AI to change the way we think, implement and develop businesses. Another session of interest will be Next Level Innovation, powered by tbi bank, which will focus on the ways AI can help building coherent teams in the “work from anywhere” age.

Vision is what brings a business to the next level and innovation makes the difference between a leader and a follower in any sector. The organizations that embrace and apply innovative ideas are getting ahead of the mass and dictate the rules in a more and more digitized economy. Innovation in all areas, from product and services level to marketing and HR becomes the main ingredient for success in business. Intelligent companies area incorporating tech and innovation in sustainability in all levels of the business, from the energy sources used to new production processes, without forgetting the changes in the organizational culture, all in order to become leaders in the new ESG reality.

Participation to the event is possible by registering online, while the complete agenda of the event is available here. Biz Innovation Forum has as partner George, first intelligent banking from BCR, while other partners of the event are Samsung, Philip Morris România and Arggo.

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The event will also be streamed online:

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