International production company 10/10 officially launched; focuses on craftsmanship behind film

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Media entrepreneur Deniz Alkaç is launching the creative film production company 10/10, pronounced as ten out of ten. The Amsterdam-based production company is launched with a carefully curated roster of directors, chosen for their creativity, love for filmmaking, and proven craftsmanship.

On March 12, 2024, the creative production company 10/10, based in Amsterdam, launches under the leadership of executive producer Deniz Alkaç and will provide a home for creative filmmakers. In addition to being a production company, the brand-new company serves as an international agency for directors and a platform for like-minded creative professionals in the film industry.

Filmmaking Craftsmanship

The aim of 10/10 is to elevate the art and craftsmanship of filmmaking. 10/10 aims to create visually exceptional work while also celebrating the process behind it. It values expertise, originality, and believes that creating remarkable work involves bringing together the best people from within and beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

“A film that scores a 10 shows you something in a way that you have not seen before. It is the intuition and creative choices of the filmmaker that distinguish such a film. With this vision, 10/10 connects a group of directors and becomes a worldwide network of talented creators,” says Alkaç.

Therefore, the emphasis at 10/10 is on the careful curation of creators for each project. Geographic boundaries play no role here; 10/10 collaborates with a worldwide, carefully curated network of directors and creatives from Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Cape Town, and Los Angeles.

Roster of International Talent

10/10 represents directors on the international market, chosen for their skills, unique style and vision, and the ability to bring great ideas to life through powerful creative choices.

At the launch, 10/10’s roster includes three directors:

  • Ted Alkemade, based in the Netherlands/Ibiza, known for the Cannes Lion-winning case ‘The Bookcase for Tolerance’
  • Ivan Boljat, based in Berlin, was responsible for AirUp’s international campaign
  • Tom Clover, based in London, collaborated with Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick for his commercials for Shares.

Ode to Boundless Creativity

Nothing should stand in the way of making a great film. That’s why 10/10’s international network includes award-winning DOPs, directors, editors, production designers, colorists, and creatives who share a passion for film, making the company an ode to boundless creativity.

By forging partnerships across borders – enabling groundbreaking and remarkable productions – 10/10 extends its operations to Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Cape Town.

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