Campbell Canada is putting the AI in pAIntings

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Campbell Company of Canada is putting the AI in pAIntings with its latest marketing campaign aimed to help modernize its iconic red and white condensed soup can. The soup brand is leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine artwork of its iconic can through various artistic styles, which will debut on social. 

For decades, Campbell’s has been a leading food brand and an art inspiration. The soup brand has brought to life engaging visualizations of how its famous red and white can could have been painted in a range of styles from the past, intended to reconnect Campbell’s with creativity. 

As part of their “Campbell’s pAIntings” campaign, the brand’s Instagram page @campbellcanada, will be transformed into a virtual gallery featuring over a dozen reimagined artistic AI outputs, to surprise and delight consumers and art lovers alike. The artwork will also pop up on transit shelters.

“Campbell’s soup is a brand grounded in a great deal of tradition,” Mackenzie Davison, VP of marketing at Campbell Company of Canada says, “but it’s equally important to evolve and engage with modern trends to continue to stay relevant today and for years to come. Campbell’s pAIntings immediately drew us in as a way to tap into today’s culture that stays true to the brand’s history.”

“This was an exciting project because there was no way for us to know exactly what the output would look like. AI prompts are a bit of an art unto themselves,” said Brian Murray, Chief Creative Officer at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “Also, to keep the experiment pure, Campbell’s asked us not to retouch the art in any way, even leaving in any typos on the cans’ labels.”

Campbell’s pAIntings was developed in collaboration with agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo for the creative, paid media partner Spark Foundry, and spPR was engaged for PR outreach and earned media.


Client: Campbell Company of Canada

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

  • Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh
  • Chief Creative Officer: Brian Murray, Jenny Glover
  • Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Michael Romaniuk
  • Associate Creative Director / Writer: Marco Buchar
  • Senior Designer: Ana-Marija Matic 
  • Clients: Mackenzie Davison, Nadia Giannantonio, Kristen Knox, Alan Shaw, Anabela Lanes, Leah Anderson
  • Account Team: Alyssa Guttman, Natalie Doyle 
  • Executive Director, Comms Planning & Technology: Sean Bell
  • Executive Strategy Officer: Heather Segal
  • Strategy Team: Elyssa Seidman, Aurora Stewart de Peña, Kiana Ohori
  • Agency Producers: Ola Stodulska, Steven Czikk

Media Agency: Spark Foundry

  • Media Team: Christina Falconer, Doyeon Kim, Varun Oza

Public Relations: spPR Inc.

  • PR Team: Sonia Prashar, Aileen O’Sullivan, Nikita Shivdasani

Post-Production Company: Zulubot

  • Post-Production Producer: Lena Hamady, Sarah Dayus
  • Editor: Oren Michaels

Online Company: Zulubot

  • Online Artists: Oren Michaels
  • Online Producer: Lena Hamady

Audio House: Zulubot

  • Mixing Engineer: Oren Michaels

Studio: Zulubot

  • Production Artists: Mila Lukezich, Aron Harris
  • Studio Manager: Sandra Noto, Henry Eugenio

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