Truist and StrawberryFrog launched “Unstoppable Together” campaign


Truist unveiled a new campaign, “Unstoppable Together,” highlighting Truist’s unique ability to bring clients both deep financial knowledge coupled with unwavering care, a differentiator in the financial services industry.

The new campaign, developed in partnership with creative partner StrawberryFrog, marks an evolution in creative strategy for Truist, based in large part on feedback from consumers. Truist research showed that while clients look to banks for their financial experience, what’s missing is a bank that supercharges that knowledge with genuine customer care. And focus group participants say they believe Truist can provide both. 

“As a purpose-driven bank, we formed our company with the purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities, and it’s through care that we bring that to life—care is core to our DNA,” said Sherry Graziano, head of digital, client experience, and marketing for Truist. “Our research shows that while care is what makes us special, it’s the combination of knowledge plus care that truly sets us apart.”

The campaign is called “Unstoppable Together” because when that unique combination of care and knowledge comes together, clients feel unstoppable.

The campaign will launch with the :30 TV spot “The Catch” during the Atlanta Braves’ home opener at Truist Park on April 5. It tells the story of how a coach leads and mentors a young baseball player to become confident in his abilities and reach his full potential, much like Truist teammates do for their clients when they deliver banking knowledge with a high level of care. The spot is an example of how great things are possible when knowledge and care come together, and closes out with the key message: “Leaders in banking. Unwavering in care.”

While the TV will launch April 5 with the Atlanta Braves’ home opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Truist Park, the new campaign will show up across social media and digital advertising starting April 3. 

In addition to showing Truist’s deep bench and distinct, caring approach, “Unstoppable Together” addresses the desire for a banking experience that goes beyond conventional. Truist’s wide range of services is brought to life through a series of inspiring creative executions, showcasing stories of achievement and transformation. Expect to continue to see additional executions of the message in future advertising throughout the course of this year and beyond.

“We are unveiling a creative platform that can last many years. Truist is purpose-driven and the “Unstoppable Together” campaign focuses on what makes banking meaningful to Americans today and in the future,” said Scott Goodson, Founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog. “When you see the campaign, you’ll recognize those moments in life where having a knowledgeable and caring person beside you, helps you bring it all home.”

Truist Financial Corporation is a purpose-driven financial services company committed to inspiring and building better lives and communities. As a leading U.S. commercial bank, Truist has leading market share in many of the high-growth markets across the country. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Truist is a top-10 commercial bank with total assets of $535 billion as of December 31, 2023.

CLIENT: Truist

  • Sherry Graziano – Head of Digital, CX and Marketing
  • Elizabeth Ventura – Head of Brand Enterprise Marketing
  • Kristin Shuff – Director of CSBB, Payments, & Digital Capabilities Marketing
  • Scott Johnson – Director of Design and Creative Production
  • Mark Benedict – Creative Production
  • Sarah Hightower – Creative Production
  • Joli Murtha – Director of Brand Strategy, Management & Corporate Marketing
  • Laura Powell – Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Jennifer Chisholm – Brand Marketing Planning

AGENCY: StrawberryFrog

  • Tyler DeAngelo – Chief Creative Office
  • Shana Bellot – Managing Director
  • Nicole Drinkwater – Group Creative Director
  • Matt Dalin – Group Creative Director 
  • Chip Walker – Head of Strategy
  • Dori Ellowitch – Group Business Director
  • Katelyn Diekhaus – Business Director
  • Steve Ford – Executive Producer
  • Venessa Merrin – Head of Production
  • Nikita Merrin – Business Affairs 


  • Jake Scott- Director 
  • Chris Soos – Director of Photography
  • Buddy Brakha – Executive Producer
  • Jason Groves – Line Producer 

POST: Rock Paper Scissors

  • Adam Pertofsky – Editor
  • Eve Kornblum – Managing Director
  • Justin Kumpata – Executive Producer
  • Head of Production: Cynthia Laplaige
  • Producer: Niaomi McGarrell
  • Assistant Editor: Ashley Tantillo
  • After Effects: Alex Scott and Val Babayants 

COLOR: RareMedium

  • Heath Raymond – Executive Producer
  • Evan Bauer – Color Producer
  • Mikey Rossiter – Colorist

VFX: ArtJail

  • Steve Mottershead – Founder, Creative Director
  • John Skeffington – MD, Executive Producer
  • Adriana Wong – Vfx Producer
  • Marcus Wood – Flame Artist
  • Shoot Supervisor – Doug Bloom
  • Compositors – Kshitij Kahanna, Ben Macchiano
  • CG – Sandor Toledo
  • Design – Matt Greenwood


  • Junto Sounds – Clearance & Licensing
  • Jared Gutstadt/Audio Up – Music Supervisor/The Catch


  • Junto Sounds

FINAL MIX: Sonic Union

  • Michael Marinelli – Co-Founder, Mixer, Sound Designer
  • Mary Kate Valentino  – Executive Producer  

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