Pizza Pizza and Zulu Alpha Kilo came up with Pre-Rolls on 4/20

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Pizza Pizza is once again embracing the spirit of cannabis culture’s most renowned day, 4/20, with the introduction of an exciting lineup of new products. This includes Pizza Pizza Pre-Rolls, expertly hand rolled and baked snack-sized strombolis shaped like joints. The Pre-Rolls are available for a limited time and in three elevated flavors, including Pineapple Express, and are the perfect snack to commemorate one of cannabis culture’s most celebratory days. Canadians can pre-order their pre-rolls in advance of 4/20 to guarantee availability for 4:20pm on the day. Eating responsibly is strongly encouraged.

Pizza Pizza has also introduced the Hot Box, providing Canadians with an incognito storage solution for all their Pizza Pizza paraphernalia, including limited-time-only Pre-Rolls, and more. This exclusive hot box will be available for a limited time to influencers and a select number of fortunate Canadians on 4/20.

“Pizza Pizza has long been a beloved choice for those seeking delicious munchies on 4/20,” says Adrian Fuoco, Vice President, Marketing, “and, with the green flavourful herbs in our new Pre-Rolls, like oregano, you’ll want to get these before they’re up in smoke.”

Pizza Pizza has a longstanding tradition of acknowledging 4/20 with enticing deals on this special occasion. With the introduction of these two new products, Pizza Pizza reaffirms its brand belief that Everyone Deserves Pizza, particularly on 4/20, ensuring that everyone feels celebrated. “Cannabis, like Pizza Pizza, is enjoyed by a diverse range of Canadians,” said Brian Murray, Chief Creative Officer Zulu Alpha Kilo. “This campaign seizes a culturally relevant moment, keeps Pizza Pizza top of mind this 4/20, and enables people to combine their passions.”

Pizza Pizza Pre-Rolls and the Hot Box were created in partnership with Zulu Alpha Kilo and are being launched in a national campaign across Canada. Paid media is planned by Media Experts, including OLV, social ads, display, SEM and OOH, while PR is managed by spPR. 

Pizza Pizza Limited was founded in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario and has grown to become Canada’s leading national Quick Service pizza brand with over 750 restaurants across the country. In 2007, Pizza Pizza acquired the Pizza 73 brand, which operates over 100 locations, primarily in Alberta. Pizza Pizza is guided by its vision of “Always the best food, made especially for you”, with a focus on quality ingredients, customer service, continuous innovation, and community involvement. In 2022, Pizza Pizza introduced its brand platform ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza’ a testament to their belief that pizza is all about inclusion.


Client:  Pizza Pizza

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

  • Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh
  • Chief Creative Officer: Brian Murray, Jenny Glover
  • Chief Design Officer: Stephanie Yung
  • Creative Director/Art Director: Kevin Sato, Michael Siegers
  • Creative Director/Writer: Addie Gillespie, Jonah Flynn
  • Designer: Ana-Marija, Sam Dal Monte
  • Clients: Adrian Fuoco, Amber Winters, Adam Williamson, Zoë Pagazani, Ivy Yu, Raymond Luk
  • Account Team: Alyssa Guttman, Alex Berube, Amy Nguyen
  • Planning Team: Heather Segal, Cameron Fleming

Media Agency: Media Experts

  • Media Experts Team: Faebri Michetti, Lily Lazzara, Maya Rocca, MacKenzie McNevin, Rahim Dhrolia

PR Agency: spPR

Production Company: Zulubot

  • DP: Edward Pond
  • EP: Adam Palmer
  • Food Stylist: Kay Pollock

Post-Production Company: Zulubot

  • Zulubot Post Producers: Amy Groll, Lena Hamady
  • Editor: Can Yuksel, Erin Brazeau
  • Colourist/Online Artist: Can Yuksel
  • Audio: Can Yuksel
  • Assistant Editor: Adrian Gluvakovich

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