Global Records launches The Drop: a special projects division for artists and brands

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Global Records, one of the most famous independent labels in Europe, launches The Drop – a new division focused on special communication projects.

The new department combines the know-how and capabilities of an advertising agency, with immediate access to some of the best-known artists, influencers and content creators in Romania. Under Global Records’ umbrella, The Drop defines a content-focused division that builds on the DNA and capabilities of the talents in the portfolio, intersecting them with the communication platforms of companies and brands in Romania.

From brand strategy and creative advertising to music storytelling and concert / festival experientials, The Drop puts the brand experience first, through the eyes and personalities of some of the most followed, loved and relevant artists and influencers in Romania today.

The Drop division is led by Flavia Ionescu as Head of Business, whom has over 17 years of experience in the advertising industry, coordinating not only local campaigns, but regional and global clients as well.

“For me, The Drop is a project as ambitious as it is utopian. It’s a combination of a lot of passion for both fields (music and advertising), but also a lot of drive to make things happen, thinking of projects that can bring real changes through the most loved names in the music industry and brands; which, after all, have the greatest power to change behaviors, thoughts, and habits.

Artists are our colleagues, we team up with them when we think of ideas, they are involved in the process, they have valuable input on every presentation – and that brings authenticity that money can’t buy.

We start from the idea that we are human first: we want to understand first of all the man and then the artist. And to generate projects that reflect exactly that. I am a great believer in authenticity and I want us to be fearlessly authentic with every project generated by The Drop”, said Flavia Ionescu, Head of Business, The Drop.

With one call away access to a pool of over 70 artists from the Global Records portfolio – from iconic talents such as INNA, Irina Rimes, Carla’s Dreams, The Motans and Antonia, to trending artists such as Andrei Ursu, Erika Isac, Adi Istrate, Rareș Mariș, Eva Timush, Holy Molly, but also up & comers like Blind Date and Mixed Feelings – The Drop delivers as a one stop creative & implementation shop: from integrated celebrity driven campaigns addressing specific business needs, to special, disruptive projects for the artists in the portfolio, organically integrated into the brands’ communication platforms.

“We are in a rather privileged position of creativity and branded entertainment, where there isn’t a concept too bold lacking the perfect name, a content / format idea that won’t air in the best version or an execution too ambitious because of #reasons. We work side by side with the artists and guide each other, each in his field of expertise, to make it more relevant, more visible, better. And the team that started The Drop comes with a rare experience mix of culture & street smart x advertising & marketing understanding that makes me say I can’t wait for you to see the next drops,” declared Mihai Țitirig, Creative Director, The Drop.

One of the first projects launched by The Drop went LIVE last week: the platform, a free service dedicated to women’s safety, through a partnership between Erika Isac and SSG Security.

„The advertising business has developed a lot in recent years for both artists and content creators. The Drop is a normal step towards a professionalizing market, solving a real need of our partners. Creativity and special projects will make the difference in this type of marketing and any brand that wants a natural integration will choose to build a line of communication that is attractive to the public, regardless of the artists they communicate with,” said Claudiu Ilioiu, Head of Global Talent United.

Among the Global Records projects that cemented the need for a special projects department we find both multi-season formats and documentaries or gaming projects:

INNA | Dance Queen’s House (S04E01)

Irina Rimes – Pe drumul meu

Carla’s Dreams – Adidasii gri

The Drop Team:

Flavia Ionescu – Head of Business

Andra Constantinescu – Account Manager

Mihai Țițirig – Creative Director

Diana Mitrică – Senior Copywriter

Victor Firan – Senior Art Director

Global Records is one of the largest independent record labels in Central and Eastern Europe, representing some of the most important artists in the music industry such as INNA, Minelli, Carla’s Dreams, Irina Rimes, The Motans, Antonia, Alina Eremia and many others. Annually, more than 250 songs released by the record company reach the specialty charts in countries such as Romania, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania and France, generating more than 11 billion hits on all streaming platforms.

With a portfolio that includes over 40 artists, 50 authors and over 150 content creators, it is one of the most important players in the entertainment industry. Global Records created and produced the talent show One True Singer, a concept that was launched in April 2022, together with HBO Max, enjoying success since the first episodes.

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