Romanian ZeList Monitor relaunches, with eyes on Facebook and forums and other features

TreeWorks launched a new version for Zelist Monitor.

A year after launching the 1st version of the service, Zelist Monitor comes with a radical change of its users interface, new social media sources and improved tools.

The new platform allows measuring the message impact (potential visitors) and viralisation level (info quoted on Romanian blogs, Facebook and Twitter).

Zelist Monitor also offers now demographics related to the people that are having conversations in social media on certain subjects and their geographical distribution.

Maybe the most significant improvement of the platform is represented by Facebook and Romanian forums monitoring. There are analyzed in real time over 2,000 public groups, and over 15,000 public pages.

ZeList Monitor, developed by TreeWorks, represents the most complex social media monitoring tool, monitoring over 60,000 bogs, over 49,000 Twitter account and over 1,200 RSS feeds.

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