Romanian kids radio Itsy Bitsy launched a products range for kids, innovating in advertising

Marketing, Media

Romanian kids radio Itsy Bitsy launched a products range for kids, Bebicina, in a new product design and packaging, through an educative show targeting parents and entitled “Smart Baby”. The show is part of a special project Itsy Bitsy is running together with Bebicina, a natural products brand for the entire family’s health.

Through this project, Itsy Bitsy radio goes beyond the limitations of the traditional communication boundaries and involves smartly in promoting brands and concepts it believes in. This way, the radio creates special projects with an educative role, tailored to specific clients’ communication needs.

Bebicina is the newest brand Itsy Bitsy created a mother targeted communication campaign for. The radio station introduced in its program a show supported by Bebicina, targeting small kid’s parents, created and produced the radio spot to promote the brand and tailored the newsletter and web banner.

We always want to offer to our clients more than just air space. And it isn’t hard at all to come out with such an approach when you share the same values with the brand you are developing the project for. Both Itsy Bitsy’s programs and Bebicina products are offering a precious help to the parents that want what’s the best for their kids. That is why we chose to offer the parents some mini-lessons of caring and hygiene that we are broadcasting in special time slots

Nadia Tataru

General Manager Itsy Bitsy

The educational platform Itsy Bitsy includes the 1st radio station for parents and kids in Europe, Itsy Bitsy FM, that broadcasts on air and online; the radio station for babies Itsy Bitsy Bebe, exclusively online, şi and Itsy Bitsy events, that allow the direct and permanent contact with the public in kinder gardens, schools, playgrounds or parks.

Itsy Bitsy was launched in December 2005 as an alternative of healthy education for the children and a manifesto against damaging effects of the TV. Itsy Bitsy encourages learning through games, creativity, competitiveness, team spirit, communication, altruism and spending time in the family.