The Romanian juror in 2011 PR Lions: Ioana Manoiu, Managing Partner GMP PR

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 Ioana Manoiu, Managing Partner GMP PR, is the Romanian juror in PR Lions competition during 2011 Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, as AdHugger presumed a few weeks ago.

Along with Ioana Manoiu, Romanian proposals for this year’s jury were Crenguta Rosu (DC Communication) and Imola Zoltan (McCann PR).

Ioana Manoiu is Managing Partner of GMP PR, an agency that was awarded numerous prizes.  Last year, she was one of the Romanian specialists proposed to be a juror in the PR jury at Eurobest, along with Mircea Tomescu (Graffiti PR) and Hortensia Nastase (Lowe PR, actually Golin Harris).

For AdHugger, Teo Migdalovici, Cannes Lions Romania’s representative, answered a few questions related to the Romanian judges and about Cannes Lions experience in general

AdHugger: Who is the Romanian juror at this year’s edition of PR Lions?

Teo Migdalovici: It is an authentic privilege to have this position open for the third year in a row. It is both the consequence of our consistent lobby and the results that Romanian PR industry achieved in international competitions for almost a decade.

I am really pleased with the selection we recently finished and I think Ioana Manoiu’s name would have been on everybody’s lips when about the next juror in Cannes / PR.

Ioana Manoiu is the Romanian leading figure that will represent the industry in this well respected context and, thanks to her agency’s results, she is the only one entitled to aspire to such position.

As you already know, The Practice and Rogalski-Grigoriu, both agencies that enjoyed consistent international recognition, have been represented in Cannes in 2010 and 2009, thanks to their leaders – Gabi Lungu and Eliza Rogalski.

AdHugger: Who were the Romanian nominees? How did Cannes organizers decide whom to chose?

Teo Migdalovici: In the process of proposing and selecting the next Romanian Juror in Cannes we simply follow the rules. We search for agencies and leaders that made a difference locally, that surprised the international competitions, that have an undisputed pedigree in terms of results.

Surprisingly or not, it is that easy. Our proposals were Ioana Manoiu – GMP PR, Imola Zoltan – McCann PR and Crenguta Rosu – DC Communication. Imola and Crenguta are both such special professionals that give a sense and a standard to our community. But Ioana was the one. She had all the necessary data. The number and the complexity of the international awards she won over the years made the difference.

AdHugger: Which is the criteria the selection of Romanian juror is based on? Why were Eliza Rogalski and Gabriela Lungu the 1st and 2nd Romanian jurors in PR at Cannes?

Teo Migdalovici: It was that simple – we followed the rules. Back in 2009 Eliza Rogalski’s agency had (among other international distinctions), the biggest number of IPRA awards, a result that was not challenged until nowadays by any other Romanian agency. In 2010, we recommended Gabriela Lungu for the Cannes Lions Jury not only because the consistent international results her agency enjoyed in the previous years, but also because she was the only one with international judging competencies.  So while in Cannes, she could rely on her experience.

The proof we made the right selection ? In 2011, The Gusto campaign (The Practice) won a bunch of awards, Silver Lion among them. So thanks to this result, we are also entitled to have a juror position at Cannes Lions for Romania in 2011.

All in all, choices that proved to be not only right, but just perfect.

Each nomination I made in the previous 6 years, be it for Eurobest, for Dubai Lynx or for Cannes, had a strong argument behind. This is the reason everything works so well in Cannes Lions local office. I do not have a subjective selection system. I enjoy using my 15 years experience in communication and the wisdom of the western mentality I have learned to adopt. The beautiful results are only a natural consequence.

AdHugger: What does a Romanian PR professional needs to have to have a chance to enter a Cannes jury?

Teo Migdalovici: To be the result of a perfect mix between personal and professional qualities. To make the difference in the market and beyond, in the PR community and beyond. To be the winner of several reputed international competitions.

International studies are also a plus, but not a must. While in business, to preserve the inner qualities of a human being.

AdHugger: After two editions of having Romanian jurors in PR, which is the opinion of the festivals organizers regarding Romanian jurors? Which is the echo from their judging colleagues?

Teo Migdalovici: They love the Romanian argumentation style, their warmth, their charm and the fact they are all English literate 🙂

AdHugger: How does it feel for Cannes Lions Romania to earn for the Romanian industry a place in the PR jury for the 3rd time in a row?

Teo Migdalovici: When I look back in time thirteen years ago, when I was a lonely Romanian student in Cannes among all those worldwide communication giants that I saw in the juries – and none of them knew anything (or at least something nice) about Romania –  I can tell you: this is a dream come true.

This chance – to be able to promote the best people within your industry at such higher standard and indirectly to do such a great lobby for your country – gives a deeper sense to my everyday work related to Cannes. It is an everyday struggle to be above personal choices and to make good use of this power. Because, in my opinion, this kind of situations can accurately indicate if you are up or not to the trust that has been given to you.

To have a Romanian in the Cannes Lions Jury it is above the PR industry. It is above the communication market. It is only a great chance for Romania to rise and shine through some of its best people.

AdHugger: Considering the juror’s selection, is it correct to assume PR is one of the strengths of the Romanian marcomm industry?

Teo Migdalovici: You might say that. Along with design and creative media, the PR industry has such a great future ahead.

Those three communities – the creative media people, the designers and the creatives working in PR – have the chance of being small enough to better adapt to today’s realities, to adjust their work and their objectives and ultimately to wildly perform in beautiful, unexpected ways.