Ioana Manoiu: It is a great honor to be the Romanian PR Juror at Cannes Lions

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Ioana Manoiu, Managing Partner GMP PR and Romania’s representative in PR Lions jury, at Cannes Lions 2011, said, for AdHugger, that being in this jury is a great honor and represents the biggest professional recognition for her until now.

When it comes about Cannes, Ioana also thinks that the festival is the place that sets the trends for the international industry and a place where valuable expertize is shared among advertising and communication professionals.

After the was selected juror in PR Lions, Ioana Manoiu answered a few questions for AdHugger related to the role she will have in Cannes this year.

AdHugger: How do you feel as 2011 Romanian juror at PR Lions, at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity?

Ioana Manoiu: It is a great honor to represent Romania at Cannes Lions, but also a big responsibility. I want to meet the expectation of the ones that proposed me for the jury duty so that Romania can be present also next year at the decision table.

My objective for this edition is that, through my presence, to help with continue building our industry’s image internationally.

I have emotions, but I’m not intimidated, and I want to show the other members of the jury that the Romanian PR industry is valuable and matters.

AdHugger: What is your expectations regarding the judging process?

Ioana Manoiu: I’m expecting to see more than campaigns, trends. As in fashion, Cannes Lions sets the trends for what is “a must have” in autumn-winter 2011 communication season.

I am expecting to see campaigns and people that would inspire me. I am expecting to learn a lot of new things.

AdHugger: What is the criteria you will apply when you will judge the entries?

Ioana Manoiu: I don’t know yet how the evaluation forms will look alike. Certainly, creativity and originality will weight a lot, but the strategic thinking and achieving the brief objectives will also be key factors in deciding upon the selection of a campaign.

AdHugger: What do you think is the must have for a work that aims for a PR lion?

From what I saw at the awarded campaigns from the last years, they all have in common an original strategy, a very good execution and a sensational impact

What does Cannes Lions mean for you?

This is the greatest professional recognition I received until now.

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  • nice performance. Both for the juror and for Romania. 3 years in a row? it’s sortta wow 🙂 Keep up! Cheers

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