Start for RoBlogFest 2008

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According to Dragos Novac blog, on Friday it will start this year edition of Roblogfest.

In 2008, the competition divides between popular vote and the one judged by a jury.

In Popular category, there will be selected the best personal blog, the best collective blog, the best new blog, the best written blog, the best entertainment blog, the best music blog, the best sports blog and the best blog.

The jury will select the best photo blog, the best cultural blog, the best design/creative blog, the best politic blog, the best business/tech blog, the best media/advertising blog, the best company blog and the best blog.

The music, sports, entertainment blogs will also be awarded based on popular vote.

Media & advertising and business & tech appear as 2 domains categories because there isn’t a big enough number of blogs per category.

Also, this year, Roblogfest doesn’t award the best blog design, as 95% of blogs are using designs that do not belong to them or that use layouts slightly modified.

For the public vote, the number of votes will be the one that matters, while the judged vote will depend on a series of criteria.

The voting starts on February 1st and Gala will take place on March 14th.