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A study send to me by Marius shows bloggers opinions on CSR programs. The study was made by

According to it,  Petrom, Vodafone Romania, Orange Romania, Coca-Cola and Cosmote were the most social responsible companies in 2007. Most votes went to Petrom (45%), followed by Vodafone (36%), Orange (25%), Coca Cola and Cosmote (each with 16%)

In what concerns CSR campaigns, bloggers say there’s a lack of info on Romanian market regarding CSR projects from certain brands, that some companies don’t have long term CSR strategies and that there were companies that ran CSR programs in 2007 in order to achieve marketing or PR objectives rather than contribute to solving social needs.

On the other hand, bloggers thing that, when it comes of CSR, the number of programs must increase, there’s a need of more attention for education, environment, health, culture, children or old people situation, need to involve more the public in CSR programs and strategies and companies need to work with with NGOs, authorities, employees, clients and blogoshpere

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