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At least until 3 AM Thursday morning 🙂

Last week, Finance Ministry posted the financial results of the companies. A whole craziness that lasted this week also and touched everyone, including me. That’s the reason why Monday and Tuesday i saw only numbers in front of my eyes. Insane, I tell you.,

Fast, the biggest net profits in advertising and communication, classified on groups, were at McCann, Leo, Gray. To them and The Group, that, with 14 agencies, had a total income of around RON 451 M and net profits of RON 15 M. In euro, at a BNR medium established exchange rate of RON 3.33 per Euro, the income for The Group is Euro 135.45 M and the net profit goes to Euro 4.50 M. Pretty good I mite say! And I also found out that Odyssey had RON 43,29 M income last year. And there are many others (and i mean many) with the financial results posted Free on Finance’s Ministry site.

Today at 11, Initiative launches Media Fact Book 2008. I do have the data but, differently from Tolo, that posted some of them since Wednesday on his blog, I am waiting for them to be official. And that because Initiative worked to make that Media Book and I think is normal for them to be the first to announce the results. Although I’m convinced that there is people out there that posted already some of the information. Ill stick with publishing it tomorrow, after 2 o’clock.

From what happened lately, I saw that autumn migration already started. Laura Bănică changed 2active for Millenium, Laura Grigore left V and O for BrandTailors (Gratz for that!), a journalist from Business Standard was added to V and O’s team, somebody is leaving The practice while the coordinating editor from EVZ quitted.

Wednesday, I also found out that ProSport launched an electronic newsletter

In the “Others” category:

– TV channels started to announce the autumn schedules;

– The digitalization of the Radio Archive means putting in digital format around 130.000 hours of programmes

– Al Jazeera broadcasts football games and wants to get in the private sector

-Two morning program start again or started already: “Cârcotaşii” on Kiss and Dobrovolschi & Craioveanu on Guerilla

-Leo made a campaign with an Euro 6M budget to launch a brand of coffee for Strauss

-Today is the last first day to enter Eurobest …It’s gonna be very nice in Stockholm in december!

-Ogilvy “crafted” the launching campaign for IKEA Cataogue 2009 ….I’m waiting for that catalogue on my door ‘cuz im curious!

-We have an online TV station targeted to gay people

-Saturday there is the final of OOO (Ordinary People Olimpics), the journalists having a special contest with Frisbee (Oana, is it the right spelling? Cuz I was …Fuborg!)

-Affichage get the positive approval for the aquisition of Efect Media, Outdoor Media and Communication Media

– VIP Magazine relaunched

And many others 🙂 That’s all i was able to think about at 4AM. And, in what the rest is concerned, I’ll quote Scarlett O’Hara: “Tomorrow is another day”

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  • Please note that Eurobest has just opened for Entries and the deadline is not until 26 September 2008 (you mention that today is the last day to enter).
    Kind regards
    PR & Press Manager for Eurobest

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