Arsenoaiei &Mătăşel starts the journey in Romanian ad land


Wednesday, Răzvan Mătăşel and Emilian Arsenoaiei officially announced that their new agency – Arsenoaiei & Mătăşel – enters the Romanian advertising market.

In a press conference that didn’t try to reunite the whole journalistic world. In a very warm space and different from other places, 115th Gallery.

During a small gathering, Răzvan and Emilian explained how and why they decided to start their own agency and to be their own bosses.

They talked about market, about its future, about the advertising break sickness showed by some TV professionals and press even when ads are the main income generator for those, about the way strategy and product’s problems are neglected to promote the brand, about the way the death of good ideas inside agencies structure and about the glamor loss that starts to affect the advertising industry, resulting in a lack of young talents.

Although “different characters”, Emilian joked and said “together we are smarter than taken separately”.

The new agency is operational for 10 days already but the very official start is on October 1st. The agency will work on no more than 2 projects every month and will choose clients that show “chemistry” with it, pushing away from the start the option of getting an account just because of its financial value.

At team level, beside Răzvan and Emilian, Arsenoaiei & Mătăşel will have some people on creation and a client service and will work together with some of the known Seniors on the local market, aiming to form “a sniper structure”.

The naming of the agency was made after the foreign examples and taking in consideration also the fact that both partners sell their services as well-known professionals on the advertising market